Around the ‘stead July Update

To say I have been busy busy is an understatement. You would think we would have a custom built mansion. Alas, that is not the case. So what have you been slaving over Ms Belle? Grab your cup, follow me … Continue reading

7 Quick Takes – 6-21-14

#7QT – Up this week: Summer, ice cream cones, refrigerators, box store workers, husband awesomeness, canned ground beef and exciting news for Bou! -1- It’s finally officially summer. I think. With all this crazy flopping back and forth and freeze … Continue reading

How to Survive Winter

Also titled “How to attempt to not lose your mind in a 600 square foot off grid house with 6 children”   Winter is hard for mama’s everywhere.  Well except for yall down there in Florida or SoCal who apparently … Continue reading

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