Productive is relative so just act

Funny story. Read some articles that our carrier was cracking down on “high use (aka over 200 gigs)” grandfathered in unlimited accounts and forcing them to new plans. 100 gigs of data was like $300! We would have to buy 5 of those plans at least to cover our typical usage. When a friend of ours who works at the competitor confirmed it, I may have slightly panicked. No way could we do even 1/5 of the data we use! Less than three weeks into the month and I was already at 180 gigs. So I turned off the phone data last week. Like completely for a few days. And big dreams ran through my head. I wouldn’t have any distractions. I would get up earlier. I could focus more. Be more productive.

Big dreams fall hard.

I got up at 5am instead of 6. And hit my crash point way earlier in the day. Not an hour earlier like would be expected but hours earlier. Wha?! No joke, by breakfast, I craved a nap. Then was exhausted as soon as the sun went down. And productive is relative. Because guess what? All those online things that I do throughout the day and week, well, didn’t get done. Wow does that list grow quickly!

Major backfire.

To add insult to injury – Sunday night they announced they were bringing back unlimited data plans. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.


It was nice for the break, I admit to have fallen into the political discussion traps on Facebook way to much the last few months. All to often it turns ugly, I would quickly bow out yet found myself getting more upset with people in general. Losing my rose colored glasses of hope. That’s unacceptable in my mind. Hope for common ground and unity isn’t a part of me I want jaded. Thankfully it didn’t take but a few days for me to regain that hope. Ever the eternal optimist.

Oh and we fell so behind on our Gilmore Girl Binge. I did get some decent plans for that time management thing I am so horrible at. Lets see how well I can keep up with it considering spring is almost here which means time to get crackin on the house and ‘stead. Sqwee!!

I have been working with a Life Coach the last month or so. Mostly it seems to help me define what goals I want to hit during the week and holds me accountable. It’s one thing to think about what you would like to do. When you tell someone else who you know is going to ask about it through the week, it’s a whole nother ballgame. Add in a few other people and suddenly you figure out how to get it done so that you’re not the slacker with a crappy excuse to why it wasn’t accomplished. #motivation Hate to say but I will anyway, last week seemed to not be a productive week for many. Whew!

Isn’t it strange how there are things we want to do, know we should do, have the desire and intention… and yet, don’t. We can always come up with good “reasons” why we don’t. Yet, when we are completely honest with ourselves, they are often excuses. Of course we are tired, we are always ‘on’, always have a list of things to do that overwhelms to the point of non-action. Children add a dimension that catapults us into the Twilight Zone. It’s shoes. You’ve put them on 5000 times. Why is it taking you 15 minutes even after the countdown I gave for the last 30 minutes? No we are not discussing your birthday dinner for 3 months from now. Focus. Shoes. Ok, children are valid reasons. We can’t control other people and just have to make things work based on their responses. But we can manage us. That’s both liberating and terrifying.

A few weeks ago I came across a YouTube video by Father Mike from Ascension Press titled “Overwhelmed”.

Yall I need to frame this. Like everywhere. Isn’t that it at the most basic level? Similar to Nike’s “Just do it” but less cliche and sport related (and less Shia like, come on, I can not be the only one who would love to never hear that again). So we had an off week. Which could totally be like a cheat day… err week. It had its positives, served its purpose (we totally would have kept our grandfathered plan!) and it’s ok. Now to redirect our focus, knock a few things out before life gets even more busy and I get the all clear to get back to walking normal (read: add in exercise to everything else). Just act. Next thing. 15 minutes. Little rewards along the way. Got this!

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