Lenten Preparation

A sad sad day is coming. We started Season 6 of the Gilmore Girls. I started it right before the inauguration. The girls joined in. We had a 3 day binge-fest and tried to avoid as much political as we could. I still got sucked into a few “conversations” but not near as many. Job well done!πŸ˜† It’s now become an almost daily habit. And who can say no to a cute 4 year old put up by her older sisters to ask with a sweet voice “mama, can we watch get more, ugh, gimmore, ugh, giiiwl-more girls?”

We’ve been able to keep the addiction on the acceptable level. Mostly. Except for the last few days when it was pushed into hyper drive. Saturday marathon βœ” Monday half day βœ” Tuesday half day complete with a Gilmore spread βœ”

We may have a problem.

And here we are, 45 episodes to go (including the newest released update ones) and feeling like we need to slow down and savor the one-sided relationship that we quickly see coming to an end. Pretty sure it’s going to feel like a break up. Or a moving away. Or something just as tragic after spending some 157 hours with them in a 6ish week period (if we continue the same pattern we’ve had). Maybe we have a problem. I refuse rehab.

No worries – it can’t last forever. The next round we can savor it more and look for deets we missed the first go. And next Wednesday is Ash Wednesday. The begining of Lent. So that’s going to slow it down a lot because for some crazy reason I got an equally crazy idea.

I’m giving up news and Facebook.
For 40 days.

Not because I’m addicted to FB, I turn it off for days with no issue. But it’s inevitable I will see a political something I don’t have a full knowledge of, have to go learn the sides, then come back and discuss it. Which is never really the intention from the original poster. And then I have to try and understand their side, make my point and attempt to find the agreement points. Which is basically pointless on the social media platform. I know that. And yet continue. Sad huh?

Politics and world events is to me like coffee is to Lorelei. And it’s not good for me to let it take so much of my mental energy or time when the truth is, I can’t do anything about any of it. So I’m giving it up. Fasting from it. For 40. Whole. Days.

But what will I do to divert my never ending mind you ask? I’ve been trying to figure out my “take up”. And think I found it.

Finish the house and land that God arranged for us. It doesn’t sound like a spiritual thing to take up and bring me/us closer to God, honestly my first thoughts were it’s rather selfish. But He didn’t put us here for nothing, it’s part of His plan for some reason. We haven’t done our part. We’ve had a year off, plans for longer. Time to implement it all. Plans are currently in the works for each week and day. Whirlwind is the goal. Transformation will be the outcome. Or at least “finish the million and 1 half and almost done projects that have built up and the accompanying mental drain by seeing them daily”.

I have secured a mother’s helper for the week of Spring Break and am in the process of finding what I need to bribe 2 teen boys with. More if I can find a few extra victims willing helpers. Even better if I could aquire a tractor for a day or two. Yeah, I’m that serious. 😁 Let’s hope the rest of the fam is in agreement and helps out. πŸ˜—

After the 40 days, we can sit back, enjoy and wait for the next step to take. I’m so ready! I think. 😜

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