Throwback Thursdays June 2015

I co-lead my first Bible Study in Spring 2015. God has this amazing thing of putting me in situations and giving me full clarity of what is being said and my mouth speaks before my brain has time to think. That’s how this happened. “Hey, want to co-lead” Sure! :reality sets in… wait, what?! Do you know what you just agreed to. You can’t possibly… but you can’t possibly back out you just agreed! And now she’s talking about plans and you’re not even paying attention because you’re stuck in the argument in your head:. Yup, exactly how it happened. πŸ˜‚

It was intimidating, no lie. Especially given the material! Can it get more complicated than Revelation?! Took a few lessons to find a groove. I talk fast when nervous and want to share everything I’ve learned. A dangerous combo! My co-lead was awesome at helping/teaching me how to lead. Keeping a dozen women on track is an art. πŸ˜‚ And truthfully, after leading through the hardest book of the Bible, when I went solo on the next one, it was a breeze. I’ve since lead on the Minor Prophets, a short study from the and How to Study the Bible (with all your heart and mind). This semester, back by popular demand, is Revelation. Thankfully I still have all my notes. πŸ˜† I have to say I love it. Public speaking, learning, digging deep into the text, teaching. All of it has been so much fun!

Bou turned 17. 17!

And bam! Challenge done! With 10 minutes in the day to spare 😜 stay safe πŸ˜™

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