A challenge accepted

Done is better than Perfect pillows

I’ve started a dozen posts. And hundreds more in my head. It’s been a crazy year. Things that I will likely talk about as the days go on. Things I wish I would have recorded as they happened. Things I’m glad I wasn’t preoccupied with writing blog posts about and was able to just be and enjoy. Hindsight is a kicker sometimes isn’t it. πŸ˜‰

I’ve been challenged to change it though. Get back to my love of thoughts on paper. Err, screen. With deadlines and accountability and everything. I’ve also been challenged to do it without a lot of editing to my perfectionist standards.😲 Quite the challenge eh? But if I’ve learned anything over the last year, it’s that done is better than perfect. Because perfect means it won’t get done. Crazy concept huh? And one I have not even come close to mastering. πŸ™„

So here goes. Challenge Post #1 in 2017. :cue Eminem “Guess Who’s Back”: I’ll update the site at some point. And somehow integrate Instagram because I am rocking at keeping that up! Hello fab pic and a short manageable thought process.

I know I’ve neglected yall, I’m sorry. Forgive me? Let’s get back at this journey together 😘

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