Mid-day Rambling with Occupied Children

Whew! This is the first time in 12 days I have been able to sit down at home and do nothing. Absolutely nothing. The sad part – we have been so busy running around getting stuff done… and I can’t for the life of me think of what we did or accomplished. I know a couple of those days were errand days. And at least 2 were going to the laundromat. Only 1 day was spent at my sisters. And yesterday was at the hospital… the other days… I don’t have a clue! Sad isn’t it.

Wait back up. Yes I said hospital. Everyone is fine, or will be anyway. I have had strep twice in the last 5 weeks. First time ever dealing with it. The first time I didnt know about the whole “throw away the tooth *paste*” part so reinfected myself. But the 2nd time I didnt get all the “normal” symptoms, just a general soreness in the throat/ear area so I figured I would get swabbed again. After a round of antibiotics I thought we were cleared… until Thursday when BabyGirl started acting sick. Her fever broke and went away after 12 hours, after hitting 104 briefly, didnt think much of it… until the Littles were down on Saturday – upset tummy, headache, tired – but no sore throat or fever. Google says children generally have hurting tummies with strep… great. I look in BabyGirls mouth and see those tell tell patches. Even better. Sunday morning the Littles both have them.

Here’s where it gets weird(er). By Monday morning, patches are gone on everyone. Still no sore throat!

I take them to the clinic anyway for a swab. I’m done dealing with strep, we are going to knock it out once and for all – antibiotics for all. And if you know me and my crunchy ways, you know that’s so not me. Clinic said they can get 2 in that day and the other 4 “throughout the day tomorrow” because they each needed their own 15 minutes appointment block. So whats a mama of 6 to do? Go to the ER of course! Yes I was one of those parents. Within 1 hour they were all triaged and swabbed… and they decided to transfer us to the clinic who was suddenly able to squeeze us in 1 appointment block! Now that’s some power! A quick head pop-in from the Dr that they ALL swabbed positive, nurses station dumbfounded to have 6 children test positive but only 1 with current symptoms (her throat was red and tonsils inflamed but no spots or sore throat still), scripts were written and we were on our way an hour before the first “squeeze in appointment” time. Nice!

Today I decided we were going no where. Well until tonight when we have church again. But at least most of the day will be spent right here with the motivation that after chores are done it is a free day. Bam! Within 90 minutes everything was done! It was again, like magic!

Of course occupied children means only 1 thing – mama can pull out the laptop and do a little blogging. Fabulous!

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