Halloween Slacker Mom Style

So lets just cut to the chase. Its like a week before Halloween and I dont have anything. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. Because 2 weeks prior I had the brilliant idea to pose a question to the children that went kinda like this:

Me: Hey, so I was thinking, what would yall rather do? Go buy costumes or take that $150 and go do something really cool as a family?
Children: Uh mama, trick or treating is really cool… and what about candy, you know from Trick or Treating?
Me: Totally ahead of you! We will hit the 50% off candy sale the next day and each of you can pick a bag or two of whatever you want!

~Fast Forward 2 weeks~
I thought it was settled by their lack of discussion. I mean really, what child wouldn’t want to just go get a bag of two of candy of their choosing and go do something really cool. I found out how wrong I was when I overheard this convo and had to step in:

Children: I’m going to be Cleopatra for Halloween. I’m going to be Wizard I think, I haven’t really figured it out yet. Me neither. Not me either.
Me: Uh, are we doing costumes?
Children: Um, yeeeeaaaaa… it’s Halloween.
Me: I thought we were going to do something cool.
Children: Yea Boo at the Zoo!
Me: um, no. Its costumes OR something cool to do. Not both.

Long story shorter. There we were a week before and they finally collectively decided they want to dress up and go Trick or Treating. And 3 of them still had no idea what they want to dress up as!? Would I have been a totally horrid mama if I just overruled and said it’s to late the costumes have been picked through and I don’t want to go driving all over God’s creation until they each find something they like. And judging by the Cleopatra outfits online… not appropriate. I may or may not have debated about being that mama and hand them each a device and tell them to search Amazon for what they want… 2 day prime shipping to the rescue!

Fast forward another week… Halloween day… and slacker mom pulled it off with a quick trip to the (mostly empty) Halloween section and our ever growing totes of costumes.

Presenting – Jack Skelington, Hello Kitty, Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place, a princess, a ninja and a butter bug (aka a butterfly).


Thanks to Aunt Tin for hooking them up with this cute duo outfit!


We met up with Miss Charming and her family. And decide to all pile in the Excursion to go around the neighborhood. 2 mom’s + 11 children + 1 grand baby. It was chaos. But fun chaos. And so much easier to handle with another SuperMom!


Somehow these 2 usually ended up with the Littles. They are very fond of Miss Charming. And she is so sweet to indulge them often 💙💙


It was a good night. Lots of fun. Lots of candy. And can I just say again how much I love living in a small-turning-large town that still keeps it’s small town feel!

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