Visit from an old friend

I love this lady! Seriously! You know when they say that God puts the perfect people in your path at the perfect time, even if only for a season. This family is one of those. It’s because of her I was able to learn more about natural health and how what we eat truly affects every single thing. Grinding wheat, soaking, fermenting (even if DIY still scares me). Kefir?! Yup, this lady! Raw milk? Yup, her again. Green smoothies? You guessed it!


Her heart is so big, with a servant spirit that I pray to embody. They have such a strong Faith as individuals and as a family unit. And they walk that Faith. Introducing us to an awesome mama group, fellowship with other women who know and understand this season of life. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have met my wonderful midwife! They gave so much support with Missy – my first baby shower (with frozen meals yall!), and then arranging a love offering, a clean house and encouragement when we were in the hospital for her surgery and the stressful aftercare. When we were surprised with Mr Littlest’s pregnancy, she was the positive light in the sea of negativity. Even being the ice breaker during a birthday party about how wonderful it would be if Missy had a little brother or sister. 😉


Our children always played so well together, almost matching in age (she is missing her 2 biggest here, one being at college and one visiting other family). Which you know is a wonderful blessing when mama’s need some adult interaction! It was so sad when our season ended and she moved far away. And as homeschooling moms, there isn’t a lot of unchaotic time for phone conversations. Now, years later, she is closer – only a 6 hour drive. LOL Even if separated by distance, we are so blessed they will always be a part of our family – they are the Godparents to 2 of our children after all. And soon to BabyGirl (just found out we can do it proxy, they don’t have to be physically present – yay!). This visit was so nice, wish we would have had more time but I know it was exactly what God had intended. Love you Mrs. B and family!

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