7 Quick Takes – 10/10/2014


Can we just call this the Month of Fried Equipment? A month ago the alternator and both batteries fried. Friday the water pump in the same vehicle went out. Saturday the charge controller melted. Melted yall.


Now I dont claim to understand the whys or how solar works but I do know that melting the electronic in between the panels and batteries is not a good thing. Actually its a very bad thing. Because not only do I not have a clue what would cause it (to fix it so it doesnt happen again!) we were also out of power for 4 days… and it rained all day today… and likely will until Tuesday! And of course you cant charge batteries via solar if theres, well, no solar. As silly as it sounds, we may not produce much power but goodness I didn’t realize how much we rely on it without even thinking. #offgridproblems

The water pump ended up not being such a big deal. Except for the whole “breaking down on the side of the road… again…” thing. While we are not really getting better at that, we are getting better at not having a vehicle during the week. And for the first time since starting this adventure, I went grocery shopping for an entire week that included – are you ready for this? Perishables! I knew we would have to run the geni a bit more so we could run the fridge and thus keep things like cream cheese and chicken really cold for a whole week. Which meant I actually had to plan a full menu. Wait, what? Go back Belle, I thought you had a fridge that could run on solar? Yea… about that… we do, except refer back to QT#1 – I don’t understand the how’s or why’s of this whole solar thing. And while I did calculate the watts to power it correctly, the volts and/or amps I have no idea about. That is apparently a problem because for whatever reason it is, it throws the inverter. And somehow all those “120w/12v/1.1A/75mHrz/984576AudhEdjdhghallkj” whatevers are supposed to mean something in relation to each other. Who knew, right? #moreoffgridproblems

The good thing is we only have to run the geni for an hour or so in the evening and it stays good and cold all night, another hour or so after breakfast and we are good for the day. Or we can run it for a couple more hours and oh you know, watch some PBS Kids so mama can work on things… and then mama remembers why she loved PBS so much before… and in the quiet of entertained children she wonders if it would be ok to do this more often… but the children decide no, they actually like playing with Barbies or trucks or playing outside and leave that magical box unattended until mama realizes she is the only one watching Peg & Cat… and her dream of a quiet day disappears while she ponders who came up with this show. #1stworldproblems

Insert really great segway here that I cant think of… The Big Girls made a parody “All about That Cross”! Loove it!!

We went to our first homecoming parade. If your from the south you know how important the SEC is. If you know anybody from the south you know how partial they are to the SEC. If you know anyone from a small town then you probably also know that in that town, the high school football team has an eerily similar devotion. A devotion that I have only recently become grossly aware of. I have seen the apparel and other items for sale in every store, market or gas station around town forever. Perhaps because its only been in the last couple of years that I have had a young man with many friends who go to said schools. And a couple of daughters who have friends that will go to those schools. Regardless, we were invited to tag along to watch the parade and wow oh wow! Yall, I didn’t realize how much we have missed out on! Like pick up lines that you must be in *an hour before* school lets out and wrap around the parking lot like a crazy ant line only to spill out and go down the road to the stop light… and down that road. Or that on homecoming day every school in the city gets out 2 hours early to make sure that everyone can get to where they need to be – either in the parade or in their spot to watch. And its an excused absence to check out the children earlier. Or that people pick and set up their spot 3 hours before it starts. Or that it looks like this:


for the entire almost 2 mile route. Or that the town basically shuts down for those few hours.

For all it’s craziness, I loved it. It was so small town like. With local businesses showing in droves with their trailor floats or company vehicles, the beauty queens from the latest festival, local race car drivers, the current Mayor and Mayor hopeful. The highlight, of course, was when BabyGirl saw Anna and Elsa.




She is *obsessed* with Frozen. She wakes us up by doing “the sky’s awake” scene and all day she’ll ask “Anna?” meaning she wants to watch it. Again. For her to see Elsa and Anna waving *at her* made her exceedingly excited. She couldn’t quit jumping and waving back.



Bless her heart as she realized the float was going out of her sight. Thankfully I was quick enough to get a few pics… that she has looked at all. Night. Long. Yea, that totally made an almost 2 year olds world.

On a totally unrelated note – I am so not ready for Halloween or All Saints Day. It is to early isn’t it? But its a mere 20 days away and I haven’t done a thing to prepare for the holiday season… so here is your official warning – we are less than 10 weeks until Christmas! Do your mini freak out and then lets get to planning!

Hope yall have a Blessed week!! Hop over to Jen’s for more 7 Quick Takes!!

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  1. I know how you feel about the solar thing! Amps, watts, volts, hertz – huh? Truthfully, I learned all this stuff in school many, many moons ago, but I could’t tell you which one was what nowadays! To be honest, I’m leaving all that stuff to my husband. Then, when everything is installed and working, I will have him tell me which button to push or what numbers are supposed to be important when it comes to the solar system. I know, I’m a bit lazy like that. But then, he doesn’t have to know how long to pressure can the beef or how much acid tomatoes need to be safe in a water bath! Your parade looks like it was a lot of fun. So glad babygirl got to see Elsa and Anna!
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    • I’ve been trying to learn it but my oh my! My head just doesnt understand that stuff LOL Mr likes to tell me it’s just like the stereo systems from years ago… um, I didn’t understand then either Haha!

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