7 QT – 9/26/14

7 Quick Takes


Grab your tea, let me tell you an amazing story that is still being written. Every year, our family church puts on a Women’s event. All the campuses come together, its huge with thousands of women, the ManCrew (you know, our husbands!) do everything and serve and facilitate this massive event full of women speakers, dancing, tons of music, a rockin after party and of course, tons of selfies – you get the picture. Ah. Maze. Ing. But I’ve never been to one. Either I had a newborn or we were building or I couldn’t justify spending the money on something so trivial just for me (can I get an Amen ladies! You know you do it too!) or… you get the picture. So this year I did my normal “I just dont know” and thought it was settled when the final “cheap” weekend to sign up was thwarted… again… by things outside of my control. Hello kaput alternator that fried both batteries. Sigh. Which also meant I did my normal moping and self-pity party for a couple of days until finally saying “Look Lord, if you want me to go YOU will provide the way.” (Uh hello, duh, that should be the go-to, right? Yea, I know…)


Open scene: Thursday night – 18 hours before Event. Enter God.

I dutifully take Missy to her church life group and chill with the other children in the car in front of the church while Bou went with his girlfriends family totally forgetting that the event was the next night. After her life group another mama randomly walked up and asked if I was going to Women. I told her no, she asked if I wanted to. I simply said “life happens, its all good”. Long story short – our mutual friend wasn’t able to go so she had an extra ticket. That she GAVE me! Gave yall!  I hated that our friend couldn’t go because her mama was in the hospital – I mean a Bahama’s trip or something would have made me feel better about her missing it. But HE provided a way! Which made me incredibly giddy… and terrified at the same time. He orchestrated this perfectly (as He tends to do of course!) so I could receive a desire of my heart to go… but also because I knew there was something He needed me to hear.


Friday was a crazy mess of getting everything ready. Oh did I mention that Friday night also included Bou going to an 80’s themed dance with Girlfriend that we still didn’t have the complete outfit for? Yea that too. Did you also know that J. Crew and LL Bean sell McFly’s orange down vest? For $100?! Apparently they aren’t kidding when they say the 80’s are back (insert shudder – please men, leave the booty shorts in the past! And ladies – leave the bra tops with jeans that come to your chest there as well. Mkay? Thanks!) Once again, the Lord came through, finding 2 totes cute tops for me and a shirt for Bou at the local consignment shop. Score! We really didn’t have time to drive to the city. The rest of the day was a mess of a mama trying to get everything done and ready for me to be gone for most of the weekend. Oh and to look Sunday good on a Friday night. Which I’ll admit, included a breakdown of course because I was less than prepared for all of this. Sigh. (And in case your wondering, no he did not get the orange vest. Instead we went with the jean jacket/long sleeve shirt rolled up together ensemble.)

wpid-2014091995184812.jpgFinally it was time to go. Drop children off at Mother-in-laws. She ended up being 30 minutes late because she needed to stop and get a few things from the store, something about feeding the children dinner or other such silly talk – but I still had time. Take Bou to Girlfriends, chat with friend for a minute, look at daughters hair and makeup (yall, really – why did we have to wear such funky colors and use all that AquaNet?!). And off I go! My first time riding solo in a vehicle in years! (Yea, really, last time was one of the very few times I drove myself to work in Texas – almost 3 years ago!) A few minutes late but totally doable! Until I notice a lot of traffic veering off the highway. I should have taken that as a sign. But I didn’t. Because I figured they were just all going to the same place. The highway was merged to 1 lane. For miles of rare uninterrupted pavement. In other words – I was stuck with no off ramps. The normally 30 minute drive took an hour. And somehow I only managed to officially be 15 minutes late, waltzing in while they will still singing. Thank you Lord!


Of course it didn’t take long for His message to start coming out. Does it ever? Up on stage were 3 tents – a bitty one barely big enough for a Build a Bear, a small Princess play tent, and then one similar to what we lived in while camp building. Oh dear oh dear. Then the verses she was going to concentrate on. Isaiah 54:2 (enlarge the space of your tent) and when she started on Genesis 12:1-5 with Abram going without knowing, stretching to receive and become what the Lord asked of him… I kinda faded out. Chuckling and throwing my hands up… Yeah, I actually did it. I mean really?! There’s a massive book, some gazillion stories and verses, to choose from! And this! This is what she brings, what she starts of with?!  He was just getting started.


The next morning I actually got there on time (Win!) and settled into my seat… the next speaker starts with (are you ready?!) Hebrews 11:8-12 – Abraham, by faith, went. Again. In case you didn’t know, those verses have been what I’ve clung to since the beginning of this adventure – and He has given them at some pretty important points. This weekend though was different. And amazing! This lady focused on Sarah’s faith through it all. That woman had to have some amazing faith to follow her husband through it all. Just imagine her role in the Jacob story! While I didn’t walk away with some big life altering realization, I did walk away with more peace. And a reminder that I simply can’t do everything on my own in my own strength. And He doesn’t want us to. Which is awesome because I have recently proven again that I can’t. Shocker, right?


Last month I prioritized what needed to be done on the house and set the children on a schedule, Women’s weekend made me (re)realize I need to prioritize and organize my daily life (among a few other lessons), including down time for me, then lean on Him for the strength to get it accomplished. Balance. Being so focused on the house and homestead has made me weary and worn out. Even if I’m not “doing” anything that day, its constantly on my mind on what I could or should be doing. Writing makes me happy. Taking photos makes me happy. Scraping makes me happy – and blogging is the easiest way to accomplish all three. Timing will likely be brief most days. And I’m telling myself that’s ok to. Each post doesn’t have to be awesome and amazing and essay length, right? Guilt free!


I leave you with some of the awesomeness. Minus most of the selfies cause that would just be vanity LOL


wpid-20140919_200523_perfectlyclear.jpg wpid-20140919_210045.jpg wpid-20140920_085129.jpg wpid-20140920_092155_perfectlyclear.jpg wpid-20140920_120849.jpg wpid-20140920_094924_perfectlyclear.jpg wpid-20140920_123727_perfectlyclear.jpg wpid-20140920_130058.jpgTake some time out today – just for you. Even if I have to hide in the car for those few quiet moments to edit photos. I need to make it a priority again. And so do you!

Hope you have a Blessed Week!  Jump over to Jen’s for more 7QT!

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  1. Stopping by from Quick Takes – and I love your blog!!
    So awesome that you got to go to the weekend after all, and that it spoke to exactly what you needed. I get chills when that sort of thing happens!

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