7QT – 7/25/2014 aka The longest update EVA

What makes this funnier… that funny thing of auto posting to draft. Who does that?! This gal. So tada – a week later but published lol

Ever had one of those weeks where by 7pm every night you are ready to crash into bed and not move until morning? It’s been like that around here. For 2 weeks. Grab a sweet tea and get ready for this long and crazy update story.

It all started with an asymptomatic but feverish baby. We don’t treat fevers until they get very high or go on forever… neither of which we have ever had. Until now. And 102.8-103.4 for 24 hours was rather concerning in a 19 month old. So when nothing else was helping and BabyGirl went limp in the bathtub, I decided a trip to the clinic was in order… only to find out the clinic doesn’t take our insurance… and neither did the next one. Both urged an ER trip because of her age.

Long story short – 6 hours later with 3 Littles, the Dr recommended a shot of a super antibiotic followed by a 5 day round of another super antibiotic to treat his diagnoses of (and I quote) “a small ear infection and possible uti because that is common in baby girls”. After politely declining for lack of evidence to require such a strong antibiotic and lot of back and forth “discussion” with him throwing around the “well you can go AMA or get the shot” I finally talked him out of the shot and we escaped left. I did, however, learn how to alternate Tylenol and Motrin for fevers. Hoping I never have to use that knowledge again and thankful that she only required a round a day to keep it around 101.

Fast forward, that was only the beginning of a crazy 10 days while a nasty sinus cold ran through the family AND BabyGirl cut all *4* two year molars. It was a doozy but we all made it through. The crazy thing – my Mother-in-law caught it but Girly never got sick. (Insert shock!) And mama still has (most) of her hair! A major bonus after a week like that!

No sooner was everyone on the mend then VBS week started at our family church – where 3 were participants and 3 (including me) were helping. Oh wait. It gets better. Let’s throw in a doctors appointment for Missy, a dental appointment for the Littles and a canning session at my sisters. In. The. Same. Week. Not sure how it happened as I don’t normally schedule things in the same week and certainly not 2 trips to the City! One “must be there at a certain time all day event” is enough for one week for this mama. We have a lot to do at home too!

The doctor was a huge reminder of why we don’t do well child visits. To make matters worse it was a new Dr at a new clinic… that I didn’t like… which means another new patient appointment is in our near future. Sigh. After waiting forever in the lobby, then takin to another room to wait… then finally into the exam room to wait some more… answering no to the hundreds of “do you have any concerns about X” and listening to their concerns for my family that they met less than 5 minutes ago (apparently children need to gain weight via Pediasure instead of foods like butter, eggs and whole milk)… all with 6 children who were suddenly “starving” but the time the Dr came in, I was just happy to get out of there… and fatten my children up with some Wendy’s TYVM.

Now don’t take this as a rant against Dr please cause there have been many times I have loved on them (recent kidney infections come to mind!)… I just seem to have gotten some special ones in that 10 day span. But it’s good to know we may not match with that clinic now then when there is a concern. So there’s that blessing!

Unfortunately, the next days dental visit didn’t go much better with the hygienist repeatedly telling a 7 year old to hold her gagging reflex til she was done with the cleaning…? She finally got the hint when, while crying, Missy pushed her hands away and sat up, done. I am assuming she was having a bad day because she is normally super sweet to the children. Sigh. Let’s hope that doesn’t result in a traumatic memory.

Finally our week turned around and we got to spend the day at my parents, with my sister making some yummo strawberry jam! I had forgotten how much I enjoy canning until recently! Of course I’m sure it makes a big difference when you have someone doing it with you who also happens to be good company. ♡ I realized I may have to up the number of strawberry plants in the garden… I was thinking 150 would be plenty for us to eat and can but with Mother-in-Law requesting some… and Sister’s requests… would 200 250 300 be over kill? I’m thinking vertical is the only way to go with that many plants… Then we started talking fruit trees… and the garden just got waaay bigger. And after the crazy couple of weeks we had experienced, I questioned my sanity… again… on having a sustainable food garden. But my Polly Anna side is winning still. I am determined and so excited!

So let’s end this on a super positive note – VBS was super fun and exhausting!

I was adamant, I was not tie dying shirts at midnight this year! And we didnt… it was 10pm… ahem. Yea. I attempted the “tie die with sharpies and rubbing alcohol” the day before on a bandana. And deemed it a fail.


Then Bou found this “spray tie dye”… sweet! Only it doesn’t really bleed like tie dye so it’s more like “spray coloring”. Which turned out alright and was super simple and less messy. We deemed that a win.

Oh and let’s not forget the “hey let’s make tutus in the Walmart parking lot while we kill time waiting for Bou to finish up his Bible Study”. Totally rockin’ this last minute crafty mom thing.


God bless our children’s pastors and all those volunteers! I helped in “anywhere not with children” “volunteer hospitality” meaning my job was to serve them food and drink and had a mostly quiet moment of rest. Wow oh wow 250 children is chaotic!

BabyGirl did not like being left in the nursery without a Big so she got to help mama some. Bou and Girly were helpers. The rest were participants and had an absolute blast!

Seven days in a row of leaving the house by 9 am and not returning until after 10 pm. While it’s awesome everything got done during the same period, let’s not repeat it again. Ever. There was a lot of blessings rolled in with the chaos – like the car ahead of us at McDonald’s who paid for our sweet teas (we paid it back… or forward… whichever it would be) which caused huge smiles and “how nice is that” for most of the day and hearing from a sweet retired pastor who was 1 of 8 and had 6 of his own speak kind and encouraging words to us, finding the perfect shoes for Bou half price, last pair, his size… the list could go on. But I am ready to get back to staying at home and continue working on the home site. ♡

Eta: Now If I’m real good I’ll actually get this week’s posted, you know, this week!

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7QT – 7/25/2014 aka The longest update EVA — 2 Comments

  1. I am really against more than one thing scheduled in a week also. Yikes! Doctors and I have a love hate relationship going on. I am glad that they have helped us so many times but I think sometimes they can be a pain in the neck. We had dental appointments last week and instead of both my boys getting their teeth cleaned at the same time we were back to back. Not what I was expecting but oh well. They both had a cavity… Is it bad that I thought can’t we just wait for the tooth to fall out?
    danielle recently posted…At the lake with friends.My Profile

    • LOL No, not bad at all. I love those words “well it is in a baby tooth that will fall out soon”. Its like music to my ears! Totally feel you on the love/hate relationship… hope we can find a good one – quickly! 😉

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