Stairs Redone

I am so so glad this is finally over!  This was supposed to be an easy tear it down and put it back up. Insert big belly laugh. The goal was to simply add a step or two at the top to turn the stairs toward the front of the house instead of continuing straight. Unfortunately it wasn’t going to be as easy as just using what we already had. Fortunately I didn’t have to cut these stringers by hand. Can I get a huge who hoo!

We did the measurements before, we had friends come over to look and give some hints and tips, they came up with similar measurements… In other words, we thought this would be done fairly quickly.  I’ll spare you all the mind numbing details. Suffice it to say this was after day 1:

wpid-20140601_063545.jpgAnd with no stairs, at 2am mama threw down the full size futon from upstairs for 5 children to sleep on because all these children and a ladder… I wasn’t doing that level of crazy. I’m glad they mostly like each other.

wpid-20140601_063513.jpgJust to let you know Google was practically no help when it came to building these. If you type in “how to build L stairs” or “double L stairs” or “U stairs” you get similar results. All back to “how to build stairs on SIMS”. Really?! So we faked it. We knew we could only put 1 or 2 steps down from the 2nd story to the top landing because of space. So we figured 1 step and built the landing. Next we had to figure out the long run from bottom landing to top landing. Finally settling on “lets just build whatever will fit that’s close to an 8″ rise and do the bottom steps separate, whatever they end up being.”  After cutting the stringers and putting them up/taking them down 3 times trying to get them right, we finally succeeded. During one of those “take it down” times I decided to go ahead and drywall. That was much easier!

wpid-20140608_185925.jpgwpid-20140608_185854.jpgThen we added to the bottom landing to match up to the stringer and figured out the bottom steps.  There is a slight difference in step height, the bottom and top step are the same, the middle set is slightly more than a 1/4 inch taller. Thankfully you can’t really tell when walking up them. And the tread depth is different with the top step being a whopping 14″ step, the rest being 10″. Eh, you do what you gotta and hope you can make it look good right?

I had to dig deep in the archives to find this one! Stairs before:

wpid-5840546297392222338.jpgAfter almost a full week of sleeping downstairs we are done:  wpid-2014-06-25-11-25-10.pngI like it a lot better. Besides the extra room it opens upstairs I think it looks better and will make the kitchen cabinets much easier to design. Another project DONE!

So thankful Bou is going with a ladder for his tumbleweed…

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  1. Wow! I’m so excited for your family’s progress. I enjoy your blog do much and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you. Sending many blessings and well wishes

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