DIY Canvas Totes

The Problem: needing 4 fabric bins for each of our 6 children. At $10-20 a piece. Not happening.

The Solution: DIY Fabric Totes thanks to Pinterest

It started with a nice trip to the store.  Someone… ahem… decided it would be a smart idea to take all the children to pick out their fabrics. At the same time. Cough cough.  Happy to report that I survived the trip. Whew. For some of the fabric I bought cheap Twin flat sheets. Much better deal for the amount of fabric.  I also had to purchase boxes. Mostly because I needed so many I didn’t want to wait to collect them all and because I have this crazy “everything must match” issue.


Some people cut 4 sides, some cut 2, I cut it all in one sheet because I didn’t want seam lines. Don’t laugh at my makeshift ruler/cutting guide. Use what you have available… and at midnight I wasn’t digging through their totes for one.

wpid-20140522_092210.jpgNext morning the girls got busy assembling boxes…


While I was outside attaching the fabric. Excuse the photos… Bou hasn’t figured out my phone’s camera yet. I dont know if this is the best adhesive. It was the mid range in price so went with it. It did most of the boxes. Don’t skimp on the spray layer. The last 5 or so I was afraid of running out… and those boxes need to be redone. Sigh.

wpid-20140522_103426.jpgNotice my trick? The print was visible under the fabric.  Enter a layer of cheap typing paper. Tada!

wpid-20140522_103821.jpg I did not cover the inside.  I kind of see it pointless since they will always be full. If we need/want to later I will run a band of thick ribbon or a strip of fabric around the inside. wpid-20140522_104207.jpg

I would also caution against doing this barefoot…  the over spray really builds on the floor surface… which transfers to your feet… and collects everything as it is, you know, an adhesive.  Furthermore it doesn’t come off regardless of the abrasive used to scrub. The good news is after about 24 hours it peels off easier… exfoliate??

wpid-20140522_121629.jpgNot bad from 1 can of spray adhesive!


Love!  It was so easy and cheap!  It came out to $5 per box after purchasing everything. (If you look close you can see the ones I skimped on the adhesive – they look wrinkly.)

wpid-20140524_142131.jpgPinterest Success!

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