Bedroom Phase 2 – Beds

I knew what I wanted. Exactly what I wanted. But I had no idea how to get it. After extensive Pinteresting research, I saw a lot of people using those storage units from Target or Walmart. But at $40 each and needing 4 per bed and it still not being exactly what I was envisioning, I decided it couldn’t be that hard to DIY. Pulling my infamous line from the house… It’s just a box, right? Only this box really did end up almost as easy as I expected.

Quick stats: Twin beds are 38″x76″. I am all about making stuff easier.  So I upped it to 40″ deep – 2 long sections at 20″ – and 78″ long – broken into 3 sections at 26″. I wanted it tall enough for large totes to fit in (17″ tall) but also wanted to have the versatility of having the square cube (12″) plus a smaller box (6″) on top for smaller things like papers. So I settled on the inside box being 19″ tall.

Then I had to figure out the details. This was where I began to harness my inner Anna White thinking what would Anna do? And it’s really hard to think like that when you have no idea what she would do because well, you don’t have any idea how it should be done in the first place!  And came up with these very precise and accurate drawings.wpid-20140510_111936.jpg

wpid-20140510_111954.jpgEasy enough to have the guys in the lumber dept rip the plywood down to 20″x8′ – yall that is seriously like my favorite thing ever! wpid-20140506_124931.jpgI went with maple plywood.  I loved the grain and the light color verses the oak which seemed to have more red tones to it. wpid-20140507_101849.jpg

Then I finished the cutting at home. Screwed it together, easy peasy. For the back I used pine ply. It wasn’t much in savings but nobody is going to see the back section anyway.    wpid-20140508_120118.jpg wpid-20140508_120137.jpg

Never, ever did I think I would get excited over acquiring a new power tool!  I only used it on the maple boards.


wpid-20140508_170718.jpg wpid-20140508_170808.jpg wpid-20140508_170854.jpg


Then it was back to the box store for the other side of the room – another twin bed and 2 youth beds.  This is where it got tricky.  Besides the baby, the younger ones are 7 and 5. To big for a toddler bed but 2 more twins would not work – if I put 3 twins along the wall there would be no room for bookcases in between for their things and the height issue made me nervous.  The older’s beds are much higher and with my daredevil of a little boy… let’s just play it safe. Then I found out until the 90’s or so there was another size in between typically called a “youth bed” for that in-between stage!  Ikea still sells mattresses!  That settled it for me and I went with 65″x30″ and 12 inches tall. In a few years if needed I can add a 6″ tall box for small storage like the olders have.


wpid-20140515_161756.jpg wpid-20140516_094924.jpg As for actual dimensions I made it easy on myself. Instead of trying to factor in how thick the ply was and blah blah blah, I just cut the supports to the height I wanted the box to be and cut the top and bottom pieces to the length I wanted. Nothing fancy here, nobody is going to see it under the mattress anyway!wpid-20140517_152436.jpg wpid-20140517_152444.jpg wpid-20140517_152547.jpg

Then I added the start to the drawer and bookcase/shelving unit in between the beds with 2×3’s since the wiring will be in that “wall”  The shelving was supposed to be the next project… until the spiders, beetles and scorpion made their ill fated visits. After the drywall is finished I will get back to this project.

wpid-20140517_152757.jpg wpid-20140517_152747.jpg wpid-20140517_152820.jpgwpid-20140524_142131.jpgAfter adding some shelves and some DIY fabric boxes (tutorial to come) – it’s starting to come together!  (BTW – that’s both of the youth beds stacked, Mr Littlest on top and Missy on the bottom.)  But we have to redo the stairs before I can move the beds to their side. Another project that has to be put on hold because another project needs to be done to complete the first one.wpid-20140524_141900.jpgIt is slowly coming together!

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