7 Quick Takes – 6/6/2014

— 1 —

I feel like it has been foreva! Ok because it has been.  We have been busy working on the house. Which basically translates into utter chaos from sun up to sun down… and a mama that crashes at night instead of doing anything that involves processing thoughts.  Sometimes mama has even crashed before the children sadly.  The best way to describe it – a kitchen reno… that involves the entire house.  Because that’s kind of what it is… the kitchen is a large part of downstairs. Add in 6 children and mama’s head goes a little crazy.  Which meant after weeks of this craziness, a lazy day was in order.  And today being Bou’s 16th birthday – what better way then to spend it then with wifi and tv at the in-laws! Tada – for the first time eva – 7QT written early!

— 2 —

Did you catch that in QT1?  Let me say it again because I’m still trying to let it sink in.  Our oldest is 16 years old today!  16 yall!  It is going to be such an exciting year for him!  He started a GoFundMe to raise funds for a trailer a couple months ago, has been doing as many odd jobs as he can and now can officially get paid working for the church to really get this Future Tumbleweed ball rolling!  It won’t be long and he will be building his own tiny house.  Love love!  And he and a long time friend have decided to step things up a notch. She is such a sweetheart! And her family is awesome as well. I am so excited for him and this new season.. and trying to not be all sappy mama like I tend to be LOL

— 3 —

Summer is officially here!  I love the long days and late nights, lake trips and free activities all week. Bonfires and lots of hanging out, fresh strawberries and ice cold sweet tea.  Soaking it up while we come up with creative ways again to survive the heat and humidity that is sure to come.  The children have been talking about some little bitty kiddy pools on the porch… I’m thinking if that’s all it takes to keep them cool and entertained… just roll with it.  It shouldn’t be so bad this year.  At least we can run the window unit for a few hours a day… and it actually stay inside the building!

— 4 —

The flip side of summer – all the creepy crawlies that come out.  Which is the reason for the sudden change on the house.  We were focused on getting the upstairs bedrooms finished… and were so so close… but after killing 4 beetles and 3 spiders in one night… then a scorpion walking out from under the beds I decided we had to drywall downstairs first to close up all the walls.  Not having another summer like last year’s scorpion hunt parties before bed.  Perhaps I should just make a new category titled “Project in Progress” since we have at least 100 going at any given moment… And thinking about those projects just makes me want to hire a bunch of high school boys for a few days and set them up with different projects to finish… Bou does know many that have asked to come help build stuff. Only downside I have found – and it is a big one – after seeing how much they can eat at one meal… I question if we could swing pay AND food for a day.

— 5 —

Switching gears here – Missy had her yearly cardiologist visit.  She is all good for another year!  Praise God!  I’m feeling guardedly optimistic after speaking with the Dr. When she had her surgery they say she would need another surgery to remove a funky piece of heart tissue that is flapping around inside the heart.  As she grew, that heart flap would grow and would throw off the blood flow in the heart.  Well here we are 7 years later and there has been no growth to the flap!  Thank You Lord!!  She still has a lot of growing to do but we serve the Ultimate Physician so continue praying and believing for no growth. We tried to go up to the new CVICU wing while there but they made it keycard access only {sad face}. So we had lunch and went to the playgrounds.

— 6 —

I was finally able to meet with a urologist to get answers for the recurrent kidney infections.  Good news – I have no ultrasound visible stones. Bad news – I have “spongy kidneys”. Which basically means my kidneys did not form properly and I get to battle UTI’s, kidney infections and kidney stones forever.  Only treatment is trying to keep the kidneys flushed and treating things as they come up.  So glad its nothing bad and I got some answer to determine direction.  It seems lemon and apple cider vinegar are both super good with keeping the kidneys flushed.  Guess I’m going to learn to like the taste of both huh?

— 7 —

Finally, I just have to say: stairs. I hate figuring stairs, hate cutting stairs, hate building stairs. We are a week into redoing them… and I’m not very optimistic. Not a good sign. Pray. Otherwise we may end up with a permanently attached extension ladder to access the 2nd floor. #barelykidding

Hope yall have a Blessed Week! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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