7 Quick Takes – 6-21-14

#7QT – Up this week: Summer, ice cream cones, refrigerators, box store workers, husband awesomeness, canned ground beef and exciting news for Bou!

It’s finally officially summer. I think. With all this crazy flopping back and forth and freeze snaps in May I wasn’t sure it would come. And if it did I was hopeful it wouldn’t be to horrible. Alas, it is summer. In the south. After 2 weeks of the meterologists repeating “typical boring summer pattern” aka mid to upper 90’s with high humidity and “chance for pop up showers”, I figure we finally begun. Wow oh wow yall what a difference insulation and drywall make! Compared to last year (and God please not the year before!) The house can actually stay cool for a few hours before having to crank up the geni for some ac. And that cold air actually stays inside the house! What a concept right?! Shh – don’t tell, but last night I even let it run a few extra hours until it was chilly in here. I’m a rebel, I know.

What does summer also mean? Sonic appy hour slushes and ice cream of course!


Her first ice cream cone! MickyD’s isn’t my most favorite place but with an air conditioned play room, free kiddie cones, $1 teas and of course WiFi, I’ll splurge a couple times a week for some of their way to addicting fries!



We got the chest freezer this week. It is soo big! OK not compared to typical ones but when you’ve been working with an ice chest for a couple of years… well ya know. We also got another solar panel to run it. Oh and the converter wire to turn it into a fridge. But I can’t hook it up. Aww why not you ask? Because in all my excitement and double and triple checking to make sure I placed all the necessary components in the cart… I forgot the clips to connect the wires. Yes. Yes I did. Le sigh. Thankfully, in all my awesome planning on the first order, I signed up for Amazon prime… which means free 2 day shipping. Instead of the standard 8-10 days. Woot! So maybe next week we will have a fridge. Unless I forgot something else. Hey we are still new to the solar thing…

I have decided that 90% of the workers at the Big Blue Box and Big Orange Box stores are just there for looks. I can’t tell you how many times they ask if they can help me with anything, I say what I’m looking for and they look at me like I’m asking for fresh lobster. Most of the time it ends with me finding said item and them standing back saying oh yes, there it is. Thank you Captain Obvious. OK yes, admittedly I do know a lot about the stores, we have gone there every day for over a year (you think you forget a lot for a small weekend project? It’s like that. But a bigger project.) But I shouldn’t know more about your department than you. And if you don’t know just tell me so I know we’re both clueless. So my advice if your going to build a house – find the ones in each department that know what they are doing and only deal with them. It will save you a lot of mind boggling wt? moments. Seriously. /rant

Shameless plug for my awesome husband.


Uh huh! “Just because” flowers. Oh yea. Major brownie points!



My sister and I took the plunge. We pressure canned ground beef last week yall. And we ate one a few night ago. Let me start by saying this – I don’t do grocery store canned meat. Spam, Vienna sausage,  canned chicken. It’s all uck to me. The flavor is strange and the texture is weird. As much as I’ve wanted to try it the last few years nerves have always gotten the best of me. But when she mentioned she wanted to try it also I agreed – it’s always better when you are not the only guinea pig.

Yall! Why did I not do this sooner?! This is 2 years that we could have been eating ground beef! We cooked 2 pounds like normal, packed them with store bought beef broth (we are making our own next time) and pressure canned them. Easy peasy. A week later she made chili with her first jar, I made spaghetti. Not kidding – it was like we just cooked it up! The flavor was normal, the texture was normal, the smell was normal. Ah. Maze. Ing! It’s still kind of weird to see hamburger meat on my pantry shelf but after seeing how quick dinner came together that night and having such good results, it’s a sight I can learn to appreciate!

The most exciting news of the week… Bou is getting his trailer! Actually, he is building it! In like 3 weeks! It took him 3 months with a GoFundMe, working anytime someone offered and having a birthday and he was at the halfway point. We saw a friend at church who owns a metal fabrication shop and talked to him. God Bless his teaching spirit! He offered for Bou to come help build it, be introduced to new skills and our friend wouldn’t charge for his labor. Bou instantly agreed and suddenly had enough cash to get it done. He is so super excited! He has been interested in metal working so this should be a great experience on many levels.

Hope yall have a Blessed week and don’t forget to hop over to Jens
for more 7QT!

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  1. That is awesome about the trailer! So exciting! My mom always canned rabbit for stew. We are trying to keep our air off durin peek hours so shorter cooking time during the heat of day does sound tempting.
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