7 Quick Takes – 5/2/2014

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about your awesomeness, saints working through Youtube, and me buying you a banana suit

Up this week: PDS tornado watches, another er trip, homemade cloud dough, Easter, a capella performance, a new cat.



I started this last Thursday. And then tried to finish it while we sit in hiding during a PDS Tornado Watch (Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch meaning they expected large, long track tornadoes).  There are only a few things that cause me serious anxiety, tornado’s are one of them.  The children were occupied watching movies, playing on the laptop and tablet. Those are times I am extra thankful for electronics.  Then the sirens started blaring and life took a slight detour.  And here we are a week later.  Everything is fine here.  A few miles away, it’s not.  Please pray for each and every family affected by the storms this week.  They left quite a level of destruction across many states.


This boy thing yall, is going to be the reason I end up on blood pressure and anxiety pills. Running + rocks = nasty gashes and fainting. From him, not me surprisingly. Oh did I mention it was the same evening that Mr. was supposed to be relaxing and recovering from oral surgery? The ER glued it instead of stitches. Which I was grateful for but I also couldn’t’ help but think we could have washed and glued it at home so it kind of seemed like a waste of time.  Haha!  Who am I kidding?  Ok, Mr could have done the washing and gluing while I tried not to cry with Littlest.










Homemade moon dough (also called cloud dough). Do it. So worth it for the hours of quiet play. At the old houses I used to keep something out – moon sand or moon dough – all the time for them to play with whenever. Who knew it has a name – a sensory box! It was kind of messy but they would just sit and play and play and play. Then I could vacuum the mess away. But came the issue of having to replace it fairly often. When I saw this homemade version I knew we had to do it. And I promptly purchased a 20 lb bag of cheap walmart flour.

wpid-20140419_144118.jpgThe original recipe called for 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil. Knowing BabyGirl would attempt to taste, I used olive oil.  It turned out awesome!  A bit more powdery than actual moon dough but molds just the same.  Welcome back hours of endless quiet play.  Welcome back.


I got to find out this week that I am allergic to Cipro.  Nice.  Another start of a kidney infection – this time caught early enough I didn’t have time to writhe around in pain for 2 days.  The reaction to the 3 days on Cipro was as bad as the kidney infection I think. Then another 2 days to recover from the reaction.  And yes, if you do the timing, the day we went to help the clean up efforts was the last day I took Cipro before deciding I can’t.  That day was rough. Good to know for the future I suppose but I pray I never need antibiotics again.


Easter was about as low key as we could make it.  The days leading up to it were just a crazy mess. So we hunted eggs at home and had a mostly quiet relaxing day.  Well as relaxing as you can with 6 children and 180 plastic eggs filled with chocolate.

wpid-20140420_120413_richtonehdr.jpg wpid-20140420_120438_richtonehdr.jpgThe following days were filled with wrappers and messy faces.  Yes I generally let them eat it as long as they are eating real food as well.  The quicker it gets eaten, the less we have to deal with who got what, how many and when.  This was a common sight.  Two words – sugar crash.



Bou had his first public a capella performance at the local Strawberry Festival.  The most I got out of him was “it was cool”.  Eh, guess it’s a boy thing.  They sang Royal by Lorde, which happens to be a fav of mine.


Somehow we ended up the owners of a new kitten.  See, some friends of ours had a bunch of kittens when we went over to play.  They offered, the children asked, I – in my not thinking it would actually happen state of mind but being a nice mama – said “sure, I guess”.  Only the plan backfired. And they were serious about giving us the cat. And my children were serious about taking said cat. Soo here we are.

wpid-2014-05-02-13.24.46.jpg.jpegAnd with a house under construction with 1000 places for it to hide, well this was the best cage we could come up with.  It works.  After “debating” the name all week – I present to you Oreo.

wpid-20140502_125600.jpgNow head on over to Jen’s for other Fabulous and likely less scattered, 7 Quick Takes!

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  1. When my oldest was 1yr old he hit his head on the bed frame and had a huge gash. After spending hours at the Emergency room they glued it up and sent us on our way. I vowed to not take them again unless they showed signs of a concussion…
    danielle recently posted…Travel Lego BoxMy Profile

    • That’s where I am now :-\ He just got a nasty cut his foot and after thinking “ugh another er trip…” I figured they would do the same thing so treated it at home. Guess I’m going to have to get over this injury issue I have LOL

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