Homestead Week in Review

Things have been busy here at the homestead.  Besides doing upstairs (so close to done!), on “ugh I am sick of working inside” days, we have ventured out and completed (and started) a few other things. By 9pm I am ready for bed.  It’s not so much the physical working as the mental working of trying to focus on new skills with 6 children… who want to help (or not) in varying degrees.  And makes me realize just how much healthy eating really does directly correlate to energy levels!

Here’s a quick summary of Homestead Highlights from the last couple of weeks.  I’ll post in depths through the week.

Solar Baby!

We got all the solar hooked up.  Love love love!


Sun Oven

Got the Sun Oven all fixed up.  Lined with aluminum flashing, silicone to seal it up and of course, new glass… again.  We tried to do a new frame but that didn’t work so well, so we just used the photo frame that came with the glass and will figure it out later.  It lasted a good 8 months last time.

wpid-20140329_104035.jpg wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera20140419_144511_RichtoneHDR.jpg.jpgEh, not the prettiest job in the world but it works!  New drip pans in the bottom, a new black cookie sheet over the pizza stone and of course, the black racks.  Now to try out the New and Improved Sun Oven!


Drywall Upstairs – Done!

Glory, glory!  So. Glad. It is over. Hopefully downstairs goes much smoother now that we kind of know what we are doing. And it is straight, vertical walls.  That’s bound to be easier… right…?


First Garden Bed

I was so excited to build this!  I had seen it all over Pinterest and it looked so visually interesting.  It was so stinking easy and cheap using 6 cedar fence boards. Not to mention all the plants we can put in it.  I will start with the tomato and cabbage plants that I was given weeks ago.  We don’t eat cabbage but chickens do.  You can call it procrastination, I say there is a method to my madness.  We had a freak 2 day Freeze Warning last week!  In April!  So my slackerness totally paid off this year!



Solar Can Heaters

Ok so I realize it is totally not the season to need these… but they have been the project for literally like ever and winter is likely to roll around again at some point.  To finally get these checked off the list is a huge FINALLY!  To be completely honest, the glass isn’t secured down.  I’m debating still if I want to use expensive food grade silicone to seal it up.  Which hinges on if I will use them both for the chicken coop or if I use one for the solar dehydrator. 

wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera20140419_144755_RichtoneHDR.jpg.jpgWeb Caterpillar

I’m sure we have seen these webs before and simply didn’t notice or didn’t know what they were.  Well this may not be what all the webs were but the children had a blast checking on it through the week!  Amazing! It started with the web and hundreds of little black worm looking creatures crawling around inside of it.  And then !POOF! they transformed!

wpid-20140409_164128.jpg wpid-storageextSdCardDCIMCamera20140418_111520_RichtoneHDR.jpg.jpgIt has been a very busy few weeks!  Slowly but surly we are checking off the To Do List.  Praying for a few more weeks of this awesome weather before it starts heating up.  The chicken tractor is up next, a bunch of garden beds, upstairs built ins, freezer conversion, oh yea, and downstairs!  Whew!

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  1. Those web guys are so annoying here. Glad you are enjoying them 🙂 They take over and kill trees. I used to work on a landscaping crew, they were so hard to kill. I am just so excited that you got the room painted 🙂 I am so wierd. I feel like I am living through you 🙂 I was looking at property again last night “just in case” 🙂
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