Pancake Tuesday

Mardi Gras.  Fat Tuesday.  Shrove Tuesday.   Pancake Tuesday baby!  It is the last hurrah before Lent.  Wish I could say we partied like, well Catholics before Lent.  But we didnt.  It was mostly a normal day but with the fun addition of…


Mardi gras pancakes for breakfast!  Ok so I needed a lot bit more food coloring but you get the idea.  I’m not a chef.  Obviously I’m not a food photog either.  And yes we eat on fine China around here.

I was on the ball last night yall!


The mix was made, everything set out. I even whipped up some colored sugar.  I know myself.  And I don’t do mornings.  Eggs and toast or maybe some (premixed) muffins are the extent of cooking that early in the day.

The sugar was for a super simple Kings Cake I had last minute thrown in the mix planned on. But we had to skip it since I don’t have yeast and we were not able to get to the store for the super long ingredients list of refrigerator cinnamon rolls.  The driveway is still a sheet of ice.  And I so wish I were kidding.


At least we have pretty scenery still!


So we will go into the Lenten season without a King Cake this year.  And plan for extra yummyness at Easter.  Now what to do with that colored sugar…


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