Our jump in Solar

Also titled “Our own power plant – Stage 2”

I skipped Saturday’s post.  Call me a slacker if ya want, that’s fine.  After messing with WordPress for 5 hours trying to (again) get everything transfered over (which required deleting and redoing… twice) my brain was done. I did manage to get the posts and comments moved over… and some pictures… and a few pages… before calling it a day.  Such is life when easy (read: not dial up slow plus entertained children) Internet access is at the in laws… 45 minutes away.

While I was sitting there, slaving away, wishing for a very stout refreshment, my other mother in law text’s that a big box had arrived and something about a solar panel on her porch.  What?!  Already?!  It wasn’t scheduled to be here until Tuesday!  And just that quick all that irritation melted away.


At 10 pm we were busting out our brand spanking new power source!  It’s silly just how beautiful I found this sight of Mr checking it over:


Beautiful it is!

We are starting with a little 100 watt panel and 30 amp charge controller (expandable to 8 panels) to get a feel for it all.  Hooked to a couple of golf cart batteries, technically this should be enough to charge all of the phones/tablets, run a few LED lights and the freezer converted to fridge.  I say technically because, well, I’m not expecting this to be much different than the rest of the build.  What seems straightforward and obvious doesn’t always turn out as such.  We are contending with production verses storage of the energy and use of the energy.  All of which are variables that play off of each other and create a bit of a trial and error situation to get the number of panels and batteries sized right for what we want/need.

I think God was having a little fun with me and that whole learning patience on a budget thing again.  While it was delivered early… the battery store is to far to go on Sundays in between church functions… then 3″ of sleet starting on Sunday afternoon.  Which means no batteries until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest. Haha!  And that’s assuming they have the batteries in stock.  Walmart has the batteries in stock… at double the price…  Good one Lord!

Let their be power!  It’s been a long time coming!  Excited just doesn’t describe it!

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