Drywall – Day 2

Also known as running a marathon while lifting weights. 

This is how we ended Day 1.  Only 2 sheets left on the side walls and the ceiling to do for Day 2.  No problem right?


First I want to say that I am even more upset with the guy that did the insulation.  The second time he sprayed he didn’t cut anything off.  And some things he did just to be ugly IMO.  At one point I told him that the cavities were not filled enough, I knew because you could still see the studs on the inside.  He fixed that by spraying all over the studs – not filling the cavity spraying but just spraying the studs. Which meant not only was it still not done properly, we had to scrape the face of each stud to screw the drywall flat.  And since he didn’t cut the cavities to be flat for said drywall… yup we got to do that as well.  With regular hand saws because we don’t own his handy specialty tool. 


After 1 cleanup

Two lawn bags of cutoff later and another huge insulation mess, we were finally able to get to work.


This was actually the day before but you can see the vertical.

The two wall pieces went up pretty quick.  On this side we decided to go vertical.  It may not be “right” (as in easier to cover the seam with moulding) but it sure was a whole lot easier to put up!

Then it was ceiling time…


One of our photog’s.  And so not Osha approved but you work with what ya got, right?


Yea he is totally playing on his phone while I slave away.  Ok so he is holding drywall with his neck and back but… whatever…

The ceiling wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.  Of course we did cut the 8 foot sheets down to 4 foot.  After attempting the walls I knew there was no way we were going to be able to lift a whole sheet up even with the neat T 2×4 idea.  The do have a contraption you can rent at Home Depot to help do ceilings.  At $90 a day… all I saw was 9 more sheets of drywall… 

Finally at lunch (that the girls made! Yay for having Bigs!) we took a break… and saw the extent of chaos that I had been ignoring.  This is my view from the stairs…


At least the baby's doing something cute to offset the disaster.

Wow. Just wow. I couldn’t even take a picture of the rest of the room.  Yea, chaos was reigning for sure.


Splish splash.

The Barbies were having a pool party.  No worries – its brand new and not hooked up…



And this was the chosen outfit for going to town for dinner…

So I did what every mama would have done.  I went back upstairs. 

Minutes later I noticed how dark the sky had gotten… yup, rain on the way. 

Yall, I did not think we could move all that drywall so fast!  From the trailer straight upstairs – 10 pieces in about 15 minutes.  Yea we were moving! 

After a short break and history lesson we continued and threw up the next 3 pieces in an hour!  Which was good timing because the children (sans BabyGirl) were going to Nana’s for the night.


Reminds me of my elementary school ceiling for some reason.

On Saturday, Mr and Bou were in a parade and with the other children gone, it was just me and BabyGirl.  Needless to say not much happened.  Only managing to finish cutting all of the insulation and cleaning it up.  It took forever to cut 1 sheet of drywall for the far wall.  Hopefully Monday I will find an easy trick to finish the other very strange angles.

Mad props to drywall installers! And we haven’t even gotten to the mudding yet LOL

I leave you now with a random patch of daffodils growing along our road.  Bloom where you are planted!


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