Drywall Day 1

Yall the day finally arrived!


What a beautiful site right!  So much excitement (yay drywall!) Mixed with a bit of dread (ugh I stink royally at mudding!).  But no pain, no gain right?  And that pain would be quick to follow.

The next day we set to work.  Moving all of this:


How did so much crap fit up there under 2 beds?!

So we could get to this:


Can we keep it like this forever please? Who needs stuff anyway?

And then finally this:


That's what we call an overwhelmed mama wondering what she got herself into.

(Yes we work barefoot or in flip flops around here.) 

It took a lot of these trips


So thankful for strong boys!

and a bit of this:


Is it done yet, killing my back here!

Because its not difficult enough, lets throw in some unsupervised chaos downstairs with some moments of good helpers taking pictures and doing this:


Who wants to come upstairs for 10 minutes?

To get to this:


Nothing a little mud and tape (and probably moulding) can't fix!

Thankfully Mr. showed up and helped put up a few sheets on the other side – namely above the stairs.   Whew!  I was scared with that one!

Only 2 sheets left on the opposite wall, the high ceiling pitch and the end walls and we will be ready for mudding!  Hopefully to be completed tomorrow.  Sure hope I can still move Saturday! Lord be with us.

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Drywall Day 1 — 6 Comments

  1. That is AWESOME!! I love the during photos, too many people just post before and afters, that’s not very helpful to us folks are are interested in the process. 😉 🙂 Y’all keep up the amazing journey!!

  2. Your entire process reminds me of what we did many years ago, so much so that I can scarcely look at the photographs because it takes me back to living with all the mess and chaos of kids/bare insulation/wires everywhere/ hauling in water to heat on woodstoves and so on and so forth. Thankfully it is now pretty much all behind us. It was an interesting process and I didn’t mind it so much at the time but now . . .


    • Bwahaha! First, I am sorry for the PTSD inducing pictures! 😀 But yea, I feel ya. It has been a good experience, has saved a ton of money and a whole bunch of other good things… but NEVER again! 😉

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