7QT 3/7/2014

— 1 —

I don’t really have much to say this week for a 7QT. Shocking right?! Just a few highlights that I want included in the year book so here we are.

— 2 —

Let’s kick this off with the Building Highlight of the Week! Are you ready for this? Ready?!wpid-20140301_223517.jpg

wpid-20140306_105249.jpg wpid-20140306_155652.jpg

Bam! Solar baby! Ok so it’s not hooked up just yet. Apparently Radio Shack has no idea about the fuses. Or the monitoring devices. Smh. So back to Google and perhaps Amazon.

— 3 —

Let me state for the World to hear – our youngest, affectionately known as BabyGirl or Miss Stompyfoot, is a mess. But such a cute mess. Even though she is #6 it amazes me how quickly they learn emotions and reactions.

Yesterday she hit Mr. Littlest in the eye unintentionally (she wasnt looking at him as she was swinging her arms around). When he started crying she immediately knelt down beside him with her concerned face on, rubbing his leg in between hugs and “k? K?”. Stomping her foot turning to the big girls, pointing exasperated “uh?”. She then fussed at them in her way-to-cute baby words.

Ok so we need to work on the whole cause and effect thing a little but yall this little bitty girl was fussing at them! Yea I have a feeling she is a strong independent type…

— 4 —

wpid-2014030795170046.jpg wpid-20140307_170042.jpg wpid-20140307_170741.jpg

Bou’ s went to his first formal with friends from church. A few weeks ago he went to a casual dance at another school with a different set of friends. And started going to an a capella group. Who said homeschool children don’t get to experience that kind of stuff. All they have to do is have friends in different schools, it’s bound to happen lol. And for the record – no he was not a fan of being dressed up. Lol

wpid-20140307_170430.jpgwpid-20140307_170745.jpg wpid-20140307_170637.jpg

— 5 —

Girly went to her first concert last weekend and then had a huge sleepover. I love our youth group pastors who want to make time for them, have experiences with them to build trust and have fun doing it! I’m not sure who’s idea it was to take 10 girls to Winter Jam and then who decided it would be even more fun to have a sleepover with all of them but wow did the girls love it! For this sadly, I do not have a picture not wanting to be that mom. Plus her name is all over her shirt, so there’s that.

— 6 —

Lady and Missy… for them I don’t have any scrapbook worthy first time story’s this week. We just got to hang out a lot this week. Love!

— 7 —

Is there such thing as to much church? Between both of our churches and all of our children in different things, we are at a function 4-5 times a week and 3 times on Sunday! I mean at least it’s church but wow! Who knew it would be as time filling as spring ball?

Like I said… I got nothin for the week.

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