Lent… already?!

Please tell me I am not the only mama completely slightly freaking out that Lent begins next week.  Next week yall! Didn’t we just end the Christmas season like last… month. Oh yea, we did.

I think we did much better this past Advent at focusing on the preparation before focusing and celebrating the Birth of Our Lord.  The tree did go up at Thanksgiving because I was just that excited to have our very own tree again… and it stayed up through the Epiphany.   It had been up for well over 6 weeks.  Not only was I feeling closed in, it was looking a bit, well, unkept in the way a tree would look after 6 weeks of children “rearranging” ornaments and tip over accidents (so thankful for plastic ornaments!). 

But I digress.  We managed to refrained from Christmas music during Advent, we didn’t give the old Merry Christmas greeting until that day among things.  And it worked out where our family gatherings didn’t happen until the season officially started. 

And I realized why Advent and Lent are so hard for me.  I’ve never really gotten into the “prep work” of Christmas and Easter before.  It’s just not, well, fun.  Who likes prep work for anything?  Building requires all the measuring a million times, squaring and leveling. Painting requires all that taping and mudding and sanding and wiping.  Tiling is more leveling and squaring and smoothing. 

I see those seasons similar to how I see building this house – when do we get to the fun stuff?  Is there a way that I can maybe do a little something right now even though it’s not “time” because the step before is not complete yet?  Can we just skip that previous step or do just enough to do a little bit of the fun stuff?

Of course we know the answer is no.  Sure you could paint without sanding and primer but the finished project just won’t be the same, have the same quality or results than if you had sucked it up and carefully did the prep work first. 

Christmas and Easter are the same way.  Preparing our hearts and minds for weeks before to more thoroughly enjoy the weeks of celebration after.  Hopefully growing even more.  Love!

We did better with Advent, I am hoping to do even better with Lent.  It is way more important and significant than Christmas afterall.  I want to truly spend the 40 days with the children learning and focusing on what this season means and drawing closer to Him.

That of course means investing a lot bit of time and using only the best blogs and pinterest boards research resources.  This research has also given a lesson in self control to stay on task and away from the oh so cute Easter temptations ideas.  Focus!  See, growing already! 

And no, I am so not giving up blogging for Lent LOL

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