7QT 2/29/2014

— 1 —

This 7 post thing hasn’t been to horrible.  The hardest part really is that i didn’t start a day ahead.  Which means here I am, at 9:30 pm typing up a post to publish in the next 2 hours.  Which brings up 2 points:

#1 it’s late. When I get sleepy I tend to get rambley.  Great for word count, not necessarily for content.  Plus my mind thinks I am way funnier than I actually am when the pillow is softly whispering my name.

#2 I’m working on a deadline.  I work well under pressure. Usually.  Read #1 again. That means it’s already been published before I have a fresh mind to edit.

— 2 —

It also means I have to dig deep (or ramble more) to come up with 7 more things for this post.  What?  Suddenly it makes sense why some people have a set ‘#6 is favorite whatever’ and ‘#7 is awesome links I found’.  I see the genius of it now!  And wish I had had the forethought to bookmark those neat stories I’ve read all week.  And also immediately dismiss the idea of going through the history folder to locate them.  Instead I cheat am clever and drag out what would have been 1QT into 2!

— 3 —

On to other topics – we had a visitor today!  Thankfully it was of the cute puppy variety instead of the other scary nasty ones we more often encounter.


We heard a squeeky hinge open… or so we thought.  Ok more like freaked because we don’t have any hinges and no neighbors to hear their squeaky hinge. Long story short, mama survived the investigation and thankfully it was just a little black lab puppy barking and playing with our black lab dog.  Under the house.  Which explains the creepy “under the floor” bangs.

She showed up before breakfast and would not leave. Any time she was on the porch when the door opened she darted in.  After lunch,  she made herself a cozy little bed for herself on our porch.  Crazy dog!  Don’t you know what you are running into here?!  Children!  Six of them!

She belongs to our new neighbors we found out later this evening. That was a nice intro:
“Hi, i live across the street, have you seen my dog?”
Me: Yes, actually.  She is probably asleep on our porch.  Where’s she’s been for the last 12 hours.  Not that I care much, she’s sweet as can be! I just don’t want you thinking we were trying to dog-nap your puppy.


— 4 —

Of course this puppy visit has resparked the “mama we want a puppy” discussion. Le sigh. I admit I wouldn’t mind another puppy either.  Another bichon to be exact. Mr wants a BIG dog.
I am not looking forward to housebreaking and training another one or two. My desire was always no puppies while we have a child in diapers. There is only so much urine one woman can deal with! But we always have a child in diapers… and we have Bigs now – 3 of them actually – who say they will all help out.  They do really well with the dog we have now… and he is getting older…

My defenses are crumbling here yall…

— 5 —

On to another subject!

I present to you Miss WhineyPants aka BabyGirl.


This was last week but this face is to Feed The Children like to not post.  She had her first bought with the flu. The lovely H1N1 I am fairly certain.  Bless her heart!  PSA: when you change your smoke detector batteries check your thermometer batteries.  It’s a little nerve racking to have your child running a massive fever only to find out the batteries in both thermometers are dead.

I was holding my breath for a whole week, waiting for each of the children to fall with it.  It’s been 2 weeks now since the first symptoms in BabyGirl and nobody else has gotten it.  The 2 other Littles slept for a day each but had no other symptoms.

We spent 5 days cuddling and nursing around the clock, and boy oh boy was she ever whiney.  So thankful she is better!

— 6 —

What I find really interesting – the rest of the family had H1N1 during that “pandemic” year in 2009.  Natural immunity?  Sure seems like it.  What doesn’t make sense – I didn’t get it then or this time.  Nothing but a barely sore throat for a few hours.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining at all! Just found it interesting so off to Google I went.  One of the first things I found was this from 2011: Swine flu offers ‘extraordinary super immunity’.  How neat is that?!  So if you or your child has had it, you may have some good news!

— 7 —


Saving the best for last!  Last Sunday was the Annual Father Daughter Ball at church.  Yall!  Swoon! It was pretty cold that evening for their red carpet mamarazzi debut but they stuck it out like troopers so we could get a few pics.


They loved dress shopping – their first time for special dresses.  We were so lucky to find all 3 at the same consignment shop at the same time!  Look how perfect they go together – matching but the big girls are exact opposites.  That is a God moment right there I am sure of it.


Love!  The girls were so excited and had so much fun being Princesses with Daddy for the evening – dancing, dinner, dessert.  It’s been the talk all week around here.

(And I have no idea what’s up with the eyes lol. I tried using every editing program – I have 4 on the phone – to no avail.  Sigh.  If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them!)


They did a beautiful job on decorating!  Sad we missed out helping but things happen… like cast iron skillets and broken fingers lol. Then the mechanic called to say my truck was fixed again (don’t get to excited, it’s still acting up sigh… back to the dance!)


This.  This was probably the coolest thing to the girls – a chocolate fountain!  I hear they spent a lot of time in this area when they were not dancing.


So thankful they are able to have these precious experiences!

Bam!  12:04 and BabyGirl only woke up a half dozen times from rearranging her – I’m calling it close enough and setting the publish time back 5 minutes.

Hope yall have a Blessed week!

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