7 Quick Takes – 2/21/2014

— 1 —

So some crazy woman decided it would be fun to join in on Jen’s 7 Posts for 7 Days next week. Because amnesia sets in when the children are nestled quietly in their beds after (another) long day and it sounds like a great idea at 10 pm to jump back in after spending weeks trying to move everything over and get a new site working and looking right and then just deciding it will come together whenever it happens. (Ha! How’s that for the run on sentence of the year!)

So yea. 7 posts in 7 days. Can I have some prompts or something? Come on, throw a bone… Maybe I should just not post all my 7QT and use those as posts…

— 2 —

Speaking of the new site. Excuse the mess. I am still trying to figure out this whole color and blocking thing. And the post layout. And the gallery. And the add ons.

Everything was much easier in Blogger for sure. Oh, you want to add the share buttons to the bottom of the posts? Click here and tada! Done! With wordpress you have to sort through 5000 possibilities… and then tweak it. Which will be wonderful and beautifully customized to exactly what I want. When it’s done.

It’s getting there.

Oh but you should have seen the evening I was just trying to add the profile picture. Bwaha! Using the mobile sites. Double bwaha! Then again, it’s likely best you didn’t see it.

Here I thought I would be all tech savvy because I wrote html Web pages years ago. Not. True. Now.

So bear with me in this transition.

— 3 —

Thankfully and wonderfully, at least I have a wonderful new phone to do all this bloggy highly productive stuff on! We ended up getting the Galaxy Note 3’s. Which I l.o.v.e!

Admittidley a lot of it could have to deal with the fact that I can unplug the phone. And that it stays on. And connects to the Internet in something greater than 1x (back to 4G yall!). And I receive calls and texts again.

But seriously the phone itself is ah-maz-ing. We figured since we only upgrade every 3 years and it is our communications and entertainment, we may as well splurge. It will be a while before we get this excited over a phone again. Lol

Learned a new thing – holy cow can children clog up the My Apps on Google Play! I had no idea all the apps they had downloaded and uninstalled! Who needs 9 baby dress up games? Or 6 nail painting games? Apparently their strategy is to download a bunch of them and widdle it down to the best 3 to keep. This time they have been told all downloads must be approved first.

— 4 —


Totally unrelated. BabyGirl tickles me! Her newest nickname is Miss Stompy Foot. At a mere 15 months old she started doing the foot stomping cause something not right thing. In the last month, she has mastered it. Don’t know where she got it, nobody else does it. And we don’t have tv. And she hasn’t been in the church nursery. Oh Lord help us, this one’s gonna be fun!

Bless her heart, she’s been battling the flu thus week. Of course when she has a raging fever we find out both thermometers are not working right. Nice. Next evening I purchase a new one. And by the time I get home, her fever had broke. The bright side she is much better and we have a working thermometer again. It will be an interesting next week…


— 5 —


As much as I love to see this view not hidden by trees, who’s tired of living like hermits? Me too! So over this winter. God bless all you northern mama’s! Special Graces are being extended to you in your time of suffering.

I was shocked – and elated – to learn that northern states do call snow days. Apparently there has to be like 4 foot of snow fall, high winds and temps in the negatives… And they also close down interstates! Apparently that also takes a blizzard and it only last for a few hours until they get the awesome machinery out…

Still it was somewhat of a vindication to our closing everything down for snow. Even if it is only 2 inches. And takes us 2 or 3 days to get back to normal.

Risking yall clicking that back button, can I say the pictures have been unbelievably amazing! I’m sure living with feet of snow on the ground isn’t amazing but wow is it a sight I’d love to see just one time. Through a window. Of a very heated room of course.

For us however, winter rolls into spring. And for that I am mostly not excited about. It does mean warmer days but it also means tornados. And another year without a storm shelter. Unless something amazing happens and we can get something dug out pretty quick. While staying hopeful and optimistic, I am also trying to prepare myself for another year of obsessing over weather charts. One day I will be doing that while comfortably underground tyvm.

— 6 —


That is our sink. Sometimes with a smaller dishtub underneath. That mostly depends on who is playing helping in that area. It perplexed Mr. Littlest. He was turning the knob but the water wasn’t getting warmer. I “fixed” it by dumping hot water in the crock… love how their minds work!

— 7 —

Totally out of thoughts now so I shall end with this:

Movie night at church followed by dancing. So much fun!

Hope yall have a Blessed week!

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