A different approach to 2014

Well yall, it’s that time of year again.  Hope yall had wonderful holidays with much love and much yummy food.  And maybe a day or two of rest mixed in as well. 😉 
Now that it’s all over, have you noticed how quickly the next season began?  The posting of resolutions, goals, focuses for the new year started on the 26th!  Solutions to problems we have struggled with or new systems and habits to start.   All in an effort to hopefully grow more, be a little closer to our desires at the end of next year.  Yea, it made my head spin a little as well.
We are still in the Christmas season until the 12th, I’m really trying hard to continue focus on that.  With the New Year, just like when the new week or month starts, I feel that desire as well to plan and focus.   Lord knows there is much to be done on the home(stead?) this year!  Some I haven’t figured out the process or system just yet, some I hope to have the strength and energy to get finished (Hello spring garden rapidly approaching!).  All will need much of God’s grace.
With the influx of new stuff (albeit MUCH less than in the past, thank goodness!), I’m curious, have you also been stricken with THAT bug?  You know the “spring cleaning and decluttering” bug… in the dead of winter.  Judging from the blogsphere and my Facebook feed, I am not the only one.  It is comforting to know I will not be the only one bombarding Consignments, FreeCycle, Craigslist and Goodwill over the next few weeks as we attempt to get our homes into some sort of order.  And then searching the same places for the needed materials to proceed with The List.  I’m thinking of it as trading.  My no longer needed for new needed.
New goals, plans, focus AND decluttering our homes!  It’s no wonder we crash and burn by February – our brains are overloaded!  I know “if there is no focus, nothing to work towards, we stay stagnate and that’s never good”.  Instead, this year, let’s take a more relaxed approach.  Spending the month of January decluttering and planning out instead of jumping all in.  Babysteping it.  Adding a new focus every month or so.  I still want to grow, we still need things to get done but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed and then defeated which results in, well, nothing.    
Babystep with me – a year with focus and direction without the pressure.  I’ll post my semi-detailed list tomorrow to update as we cross them off or figure them out. 

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