7QT – 1/31/2014

Yall, the first month is over!?  Already?!  Is it just me or do the days seem long but time so short?  Not much on the Goal List was accomplished this month sadly.  Being laid up for a week with a kidney infection during beautiful weather was an epic waste of time.  And with yet another arctic front pushing through this weekend, this garden prep stuff is just not getting done.  I hear your Yanks out there “Anything above freezing is wonderful outdoor weather!”  Ahem, yea, not so much for this hot blooded southern gal.  I did manage to file the taxes this week!  Win!  We have never filed this early – ever.  Apparently there is a slight advantage to Mr. being a W-2 employee instead of self-employed!
They say desperation is the mother of ingenuity… they are right. 

A migraine with no way to get coffee makes you desperate… and creative.  Don’t judge.  It worked.  Now you know.  You’re welcome.


Mr. brought home a double burner camp stove a couple of weeks ago.  Yall, seriously, it’s amazing!  Suddenly, I can cook inside using 2 pots!  My cooking time cut.  In.  Half!  Just imagine the awesomeness of that when cooking for 8 people.  Instead of an hour flipping a hundred pancakes one at a time, I can rock out 2 at a time.  Ok, so maybe 100 is a little exaggerated… but only slightly.  Watch out world – meat sauce and spaghetti noodles hot at the same time! 

I was finally able to pull the girls off of the Little House series and on to The Chronicles of Narnia.  With a similar pattern – “We don’t want to read it, can we read Laura, please?” for weeks.  Alas, 3 pages in and we spent the next 3 hours “just one more chapter”ing our way through The Magicians Nephew until my mouth simply wouldn’t form the correct words any longer.  I found it really interesting that they picked up on the Lord and Creation aspects in the Lion and the Birth of Narnia.  Which makes me wonder if there is a religious study lesson to go along with the book.

These yall.  Are my love hate item from Christmas.  They are not what I wanted – they are plastic (I hate plastic!) and they look kind of funky being different colors (that would be my OCD matchy matchy coming out).  But they saved me last week during the Brutal Kidney Issue which has promoted them to the “Almost Love” category.  Everyone has their designated cup and I did not have to wash 146,231 from those 4 down days – what could be better!  I believe I can safely throw away all those other cups now!  Yay for solutions and more decluttering!


Instead of writing blog posts this week, I totally played with graphics.  My dear son found this lovely program called Gimp months ago.  Think PSP but open source aka free.  And since my PSP program mysteriously went missing when we made the big move to Texas 2 years ago before being installed on the new (at the time) laptop, I have been programless since.  Horror!  I have been wanting to change the graphics for well, the last year.  Finally jumped and decided to make the time to learn the new program.  It’s different but similar, a learning curve, but so far I like it as a good alternative.  Check it out if you are wanting something more than those free editors!

The graphics issue however led to another issue.  I made the apparent tragic mistake of creating a Goggle+ account.  Linking all of the Picasa web albums to the new Google+.  This is an issue for me on many levels, the biggest being my photos now have to be listed as “public” instead of “only visible to those with a link” aka – people I want to see those photos – to have them visible on the blog.  This was made worse when looking through the security settings and seeing the buttons “anybody can download and print my photos” buttons checked by default.   Um, no!  I do not want random people downloading and printing photos of my children!  Insert many choice words here that would make a sailor proud.  While I did uncheck those nasty buttons and did my best to hide as much of the account as possible, I am beyond ticked that Goggle is forcing this merge with no way to separate the accounts – the only option I am offered is to delete my entire google profile – YouTube, Picasa, Gmail, etc – some of which I use.


What’s a lady who wants to keep her blog but wants to get away from the ugliness of Google to do?  Become a self-hosted blogger!  After reading much last night I realized it isn’t much different than back in 1995 when I created my first webpage at the ripe old age of 14. Well, except it’s much easier now with all the widgets and gadgets – no crash course to relearn all that coding!  It’s all just “Find” and “Copy/Paste”.  Schweet!  Please excuse the mess the next few weeks, and likely the lack of posts this week as that will be my focus.  Be on the lookout for the new URL soon!  

Whew – major changes around the house AND online – I must be crazy to try and do it at the same time!

Don’t forget to head back to Jens for more 7QT!  Have a Blessed Week!

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