7QT – 1/24/2014

The Kidney Edition

I totally had a 7QT for last week all set to upload.  Obviously it never made it.  My body had different intentions it decided to not share with my mind.  Here I was bein’ a boss – on top of my game after the Christmas season.  Plans set, posts done – and BAM!  Hrm, that doesn’t feel right…

A run of the mill UTI turned quickly into a raging kidney infection. 

Let me start by saying Oh. My. Word. Yall.  Although I would rate it better than a kidney stone (of which I have also had a few) and kidney stones rank higher than natural childbirth in my pain book.  I mean with stones, there is no getting comfortable and it is constant instead of short bursts with breaks and some relief possibilities.  With a kidney infection, as long as you don’t move… and yes breathing counts as moving… it doesn’t hurt as bad.  Of course the raging chills and nausea render that almost impossible most of the time.  But whatever.

By quickly I mean within a few hours of the first twinge in the left kidney it went full force in both kidneys, wrapping around the front.  If you have ever had a stone, you know the feeling.  It is similar, but strikingly different in a way I can’t explain. 

Condensing the next agonizing 24 hours into one paragraph, a pleading call into the Dr. to get my first round ever of antibiotics and 4 hours after taking first said dose – with many people reassuring me within an hour of the first dose I would feel relief – I was alternating between fetal position shivering on the bathroom floor and crying in the guest bed. 

Oh yea, I should mention, we were at the Inlaws for a family day.  Funny, that was the same place we were last time I passed a stone… and when the post-partum preeclampsia reared its head.  Maybe I feel to comfortable to be sick while there.  Or maybe I only get real bad on the weekends, that thought makes it a God send!

Repeat the next day.  Only I was at home.  With 6 children.  Alone.  And couldn’t eat.  Or drink.  Because of the nausea.  After lunch, feeling a bit better, Mr. called asking for lunch.  It’s just a 20 minute trip, I can totally make it.  Famous last words.

That 20 minute trip turned into 4 hours thanks to our wonderful truck dying on the side of the road.  Just picture a sick woman who had not eaten in 2 days trying repeatedly to steer an Excursion with no power.  That’s when I learned kidneys are somehow linked to the muscles or at least feels like it when you are actively engaging your abs.  I’m sure it was quite an ugly sight.  Or comical depending on your perspective. 

Regardless, walking was not an option.  I called my sister crying, to come take us home.  Only to remember, she and her boyfriend are sick with the flu.  God bless them.  To the rescue they came anyway!  Finally, we made back home, curled up, shivering in my bed, vowing to go nowhere the next day.  I think everyone used sanitizer when we got home… guess we will find out this weekend.

That was a short lived vow.  Being woke up at 5am by a starving stomach but having to gag to swallow water.  Intense pain all over had now moved to my chest.  Short breaths in attempt to not hurt.  Things did not improve and by 5:30 I had Bou call and ask my dear lovely sister to once again come save me by taking me to the hospital while her boyfriend took the children to Nana’s.  There was no way I could drive between the shaking and nausea.  This is where the “had I known” comes in. 

Thankfully the ER is not busy at that time of morning and within an hour enter a wonderful nurse with the biggest shot I have ever seen.  In.  My.  Life.  He tried to keep it partially hidden, but it was just too big.  After asking if it was safe with nursing, he assured me it was and informed me if was not for my arm… Umm…  It was only after he injected that massive OH MY WORD shot that the words “I mixed that monster of a kill everything antibiotic with lidocaine so when your butt goes numb it’s supposed to, you will thank me for it trust me“ were said. 

He was right.  It hurt and I walked kind of funny for 2 full days after.  I don’t want to imagine the first couple of hours after without the lidocaine!

The amazing thing – within an hour, I felt soo much better! No pain, no nausea, no shakes – just starving and able to eat for the first time in 3 days!  Glory glory Praise Jesus!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister and boyfriend-in-law and such wonderful Bigs!  

To say I was a little out of it for 3 days would be a slight understatement.  You know that fog you go into on that road you drive a million times – your there, you’re paying attention but later you don’t remember the drive.  Yea, that.  For 3 days.  When you’re supposed to be parenting 6 children.  They took care of everything!  Cooking meals, chores (except dishes, but I’m not going to complain!), keeping the Littles entertained, changing and watching BabyGirl and bringing her to me when she wanted to nurse.  Such a blessing and deserving of a huge treat night!  Ok, so the truth is they probably loved that it was days full of movie watching that they never normally get.  Plus full of “sure, whatever you want to eat” that I would likely not normally agree to except for special treats.

And come on – serious props to the Flu Couple for saving me/us not once, but twice in less than 24 hours!!  Blessed indeed!

To sum it up – if you ever get a kidney infection, just go to the hospital and get that massive killer shot.  It hurts like a mad dog but kind of pales in comparison to the kidney pain and gives such wonderful relief quickly.  Totally worth it. 

It also occurred to me that I have reached that age in life where yes, daily choices do have an impact on your body functions and you really need to take care of your body.  Back to taking my regiment of vitamins and system supporters… like cranberry tabs.

Oh and the truck, it started and ran just fine when Mr. went back for it later.  SMH!  He took it straight to the mechanic anyway, hopefully we will have it back this weekend.  

Yall, if I hadn’t been so out of it I may have been a little upset at how bad the week was… but since I was so out of it, I never noticed and the week just flew on by! 

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7QT – 1/24/2014 — 5 Comments

  1. I have also had a couple (or more?) kidney infections. You are right – they are BRUTAL. Last one I couldn't have cared less if I died – anything to relieve that pain.

  2. First, I want to say that I've been following your blog for a while now and I love it! So sorry to hear about your infection, I've never had one but I have watched my mother go through it. I have a quick question. Can you do a post with updated pics? I love the design of your house and I am just wondering what it looks like with all of the changes.
    God Bless

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