7 Quick Takes – 1/10/2014

 Wow that is strange to type out!  Here when I was just getting used to it being 2013.  I have finally figured out why it is so hard to get in the habit of writing the new year.  In school, for 13 years, I had to write the date on every paper, 8 subjects a day, 5 days a week – *40* times a week we would write the date.  Fast forward.  I don’t write the date – ever.  Everything does it for me.  Since we don’t use checks (really, I used our last check over 4 years ago… and never ordered more) I only have to write it when I visit the bank.  And I do that maybe 10 times a year.  Maybe that’s why the days slip past so quickly…
A turn of the calendar of course brings… next birthdays!  Is it only my children that are already discussing what age they will be NEXT year?  For some reason, they just don’t understand that before mama can handle having a 17, 13, 11 (and on down the line), I first need to wrap my head around having a 16, 12, 10 (and on down the line).   Ouch yall.  #NotReady
Toby, our Elf, went home last Sunday, on the Epiphany.  BabyGirl had just discovered him a few days before Christmas.  “BabyGirl, where’s Toby?”  became the household game.  She’d look around, point and smile and laugh when she found him.  All day, every time she was asked.  So the children asked him to ask Santa if he could stay a little longer.  Santa said yes and we carried on with Toby for the 12 days of Christmas.  I learned to be quick with BabyGirl jumping up with the rest first thing in the morning to go find him.  Many times she would find him first and spoil it for the ones still searching.  While they were a bit sad to see him go, I am a bit relieved that there will be no more Elf shenanigans for the next 11 months.  Woowee!  Who knew such a little thing could get into so much!
God is so funny sometimes… First day all year week it’s not cold and rainy or icy and this is what comes over my Facebook newsfeed:

Proverbs 24:27 Prepare your work outside And make it ready for yourself in the field; Afterwards, then, build your house.

After having just posted my 2014 Goal List, this is confirmation.  Just what I had planned to start this week!  Garden first to finish out the winter, then the house this spring.  Thank you Lord!

So this whole “off grid winter thing with a propane heater” is like, kind of amazing yall.  No really.  .  Wonderful.  Incredible.  First, it’s warm.  And when I say warm I mean the children whine say they are sweaty comfy at bedtime because I get the house nice and hot toasty before I turn it off for the night.  During the day – we can use the whole house instead of huddling upstairs under layers of blankets like we did last year.  Or hid out in the truck.  Amazing!
In light of how amazing this has been I have been racking my brain.  There is no way we can repay this level of life changingness.  And even if we did try to monetarily pay them back, I’m not sure they would take it.  Instead, I have been praying that God will show the perfect way to pay it forward.  I can only hope we can give the same life changing effect on another family.
I would totally do a logical #7 here…  but I have a long week ahead with this whole garden thing.  Which really translates into a lot of planning and talking myself into that level of craziness with 6 children.  It’s another one of those “sounds great in theory but reality is downright frightful” things. 
Now don’t forget to head over to Jen’s for more 7QT!  Have a very Blessed Week!!

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7 Quick Takes – 1/10/2014 — 5 Comments

  1. HellO! I found you through the 7QT Linkup, I love finding new blogs and yours seems really interesting so far! Congratulations for being off the grid and still warm! You must be very southern, here in Canada thats not really a very easy option! Have a great week!

    • Thank you! 🙂 We are very southern – almost to the Gulf of Mexico! I couldn't imagine Canada – I've been seeing all those crazy temps up north – whowee! That would be quite the challenge LOL

  2. About feeling so blessed, not knowing if I should try to "pay back", deciding to "pay forward"…I've totally had that happen to me. We were in a really tight spot, my husbands temp job ended in a month, and I had just had a c-section. We slept on a mattress on the floor, but had never gotten a bed. Some amazing friends, themselves in a tight place financially, bought us a

    • That is so awesome!! Just what a recovering mama would need!! Isn't it the best feeling!? I love feeling His hand all over it <3 One day He will place it on our hearts and we will know exactly how and who to bless 🙂 He is so good like that!

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