2014 Goal List

My focus for the year is to get the house finished and the homestead up and running.  I had thought about making debt payoff the focus.  While that is certainly a valid choice, I think this year would be best spent getting the sufficiency aspect rolling, making the debt payoff easier later in the year/in the following years.  Of course keeping it all within the Lazy Homesteader requirement is a must!  Don’t judge – I’m fairly certain Ma and Pa would have been all over any hacks that made life a little easier.

Complete the house:

  • Plumbing
  • Septic
  • Electrical – run traditional appliance wires for possible future on-grid connection
  • Drywall
  • Wall Finishing – tile, wainscoting
  • Cabinets/Built in’s
  • Flooring – underlayment, finished hardwood, tile
  • Trim
  • Insulate Underneath
  • Siding and Trim, Brick or Rock Underneath
  • Storm shelter – possibly double as cold room/canning room, perhaps maybe just that berm shelter Mr. has been wanting to build
  • Pool – I know – what?!  The children have been begging, they miss our old one, perhaps a DIY shallow wading pool
  • Pave Garage Parking, Driveway?

Off grid:

  • Rainwater Collection System – house and garden, finalize where to put covered area for garden water collection using seconds metal roofing
  • Rainwater Filter – Berkey counter and shower filters to start
  • Small Solar Setup – enough to generate 400 watts per day, in theory that will run the kegerator fridge, some LED lights, charge small electronics/phones/tablets and the TV or Laptop for a couple of hours
  • Complete Gray Water System – use to auto-water decorative plants (lawn?) around the house
  • Solar Dehydrator
  • Solar Hot Water Heater


  • Compost Barrel(s)
  • Finish Chicken Tractor with self-water/feed
  • Small Chicken Flock – half dozen
  • Raised, Self-Watering Beds –at least 50 square feet – onion, garlic, lettuce, pumpkins, bell and hot peppers, tomatoes, corn
  • Vertical “Beds” – herbs, strawberries, try peppers and tomatoes
  • Box Garden Containers – white and sweet potatoes
  • Start the Orchard – 5 Apple trees, 2 Pecan trees, 2 Peach, grape and blueberry vines (this might be a bit to ambitious for the year, but you never know so I included it.)

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