Ice Ice Baby

 We did it!  We made it through our first off grid ice storm rather smashingly!  Even given the curves Murphy tried to throw at us.  First off, thank God the heater started working again.  Not sure what happened, why it suddenly acted up or why it suddenly started again.  We are exchanging it regardless when they get another shipment in!  Not going to go through that again next storm.

Mr. twisting hay “just like Pa”!

It was decided, when we thought we had enough branches for the rocket stove… triple it!

Our Big Christmas Tree in the circle.  

We ended up with about 2″ of sleet and ice (freezing rain).

Attempting to cook potatoes in the grill.  Yea, it didn’t work – to much flame.

The hill on our driveway.  Mr and Bou spent a full day breaking up the ice with shovels and pick ax while the big girls raked it over so we could get down safely and back!

After 2 days of being inside – well I was glad I used to have a Pinterest addiction!  Enter ice painting! Notice how they are walking *on* the “snow”?  Apparently that isn’t common where they get real snow.

Just cheap condiment bottles, water and 10-15 drops of food coloring and away they went! 

That’s our artist – we agreed that is a really good tag… and realized perhaps our job became keeping her on the legal side of art…

Love modern technology!!  That is our church we are watching live on my phone!!  Shweet!

All in all, it wasn’t bad.  There were a few lessons – like even though you have a generator, go ahead and plan for not having it.  Which includes non baked breakfasts and desserts.  Or that 8 people plus a lab may be in 620 sqft, the space size doesn’t matter.  Everyone is going to congregate together, likely downstairs… and 6 will be in the kitchen… next to you while you are trying to cook…  Wine would be good to add to the Winter Storm Prep List.  And that the blue flame heater will heat the house so well that the children will be whining that they are “so hot we’re sweating” when it’s bedtime.  But that also means when we turn the heater off at bedtime it will still be mostly comfortable in the morning and they get over it.  Oh and not to mention that without a lot of labor, we aren’t going anywhere during a winter storm or for days after!

Hope everyone had a safe and warm weekend!!

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