Branson – Day One

The inlaws gave us a trip as our Christmas gift – memories – love!  A whole crew was going, 14 of us – the in laws, sister in law, grandparents in law, us – what a trip!  Granted our little family was the majority of the group.  The children had no idea.  Grammy told them they were going to “spend the night together” and to pack something cute to wear for Saturday.  To explain our packing, Mr. told them we were going on an overnight trip.  But before we took them to see Grammy and Poppy (who were already in Branson) he wanted to show me something.  We stopped at a cute little Mom and Pop bakery along the way.  Can we say diversion.  Yall – they even missed the Missouri sign, finally questioning our whereabouts after seeing all the water towers that proudly say “Branson”.
Let’s see if I can sum this up for you:
That ice we got down here last week was mostly snow up there.  And it was *beautiful*!  What perfect timing to give us beautiful scenery and clear roads.  It even snowed the first night we were there – goodness they are quick at snow removal.
The Landing is beautiful – overlooking a street of shopping, the “lake” (that looks more like a river) and an amazing water and fire fountain show.  Water dances to the music on the hour, water and fire dance together on the half hour.  Beautiful!   

The hotel is the upper floors, shops on the ground floor.  And tons of shops there are!  Mostly chain – The Fudgery, Justice, Claires, Chico, Black&White – but a few mom and pop like a candy store and old timey pictures.

The room was nice – the bathroom amazing, it had a shower AND a bath.  We really have become simple people excited at simple things apparently.  You know we used the fire out of both!  One child in the bath while another was in the shower.  I also let them stay in as long as they wanted – the big girls each stayed in the shower for an hour!  Mr. saw a sign that talked about “doing your part to save water” urging guests to reuse towels instead of throwing them on the floor to be washed.  Oh the irony after our children just spend nearly 3 hours taking showers and baths simultaneously.  I figured we are an off grid family who for 6 months out of the year showers with 2 gallons of water each – even with those long showers and soaking baths, we are still waaaaay below what the average American uses weekly.  I think we’re good.  And repeated it again on Saturday night.

The sleeping was a little different.  We made a pallet on the floor – the girls had the bed the first night, the boys took it the second night.  It worked.  
Oh and Toby somehow made his way up there as well!  We went to Grammy and Poppy’s room, came back for something and there he was, hanging in the window!  A little later we had a slight issue – Poppy opened the window causing Toby to fall – shock and horror went through the room!  All is well – Toby came back the next morning with a note explaining that Poppy didn’t know, he was just trying to save him and he is just fine.  Whew!  Crisis averted.
Joe’s Crab Shackis pretty good eats – the buckets are huge, the drinks are stout and my husband is amazing at breaking crab legs and lobster.  Me not so much, I stabbed my palm with one.  Graceful, right?  That’s ok, the drink dulled the pain – and I only had half of one!  My wonderful husband took over and finished breaking mine.  Note to self: next time do not agree to food that must be worked for when you have a curious 1 year old sitting next to you.  Duly noted.  
I’m not sure what happened to the time – between walking the Landing and eating dinner, not much was done that first day – even though we got there at 2pm!  The next day was to be full as well so we went back to the room for showers and sleep.

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