Branson – Day 2

Day 2 was going to be full and busy with shopping, a show and dining.  Here we go.

The Grand Village It’s a whole little shopping center around a beautiful courtyard.  So so cute!  The stores are all handcraft type – ceramics, wood carving, leather, yummy’s, clothes, home décor, even a Thomas Kincaid store displaying his last unfinished painting!  

A Halloween village!!  Nightmare Before Christmas anyone??

These are the Christmas gifts we almost bought… until we remembered we didn’t have a Black AMEX.  Eh, it’s the thought that counts right?

For my mom:

For my dad:

For Mr.’s Mom:

Hey – we’re matchy!

Kringle’s Christmas Store – wow oh wow!!  Rooms and rooms with dozens and dozens of themed Christmas trees.  (These are my sisters Christmas present pics LOL)

Santa!  There were only a million Santa’s running around of course, but this one was so kind and gracious – and look how authentic!!  He offered pictures, we gladly accepted.

He claimed he was to old… I made him anyway.
The Sight and Sound Theater – Ah-maz-ing!  Having not read about it, the giant statue of what to me looked to be Jesus with children at the driveway entrance made me look twice.  A giant lion and lamb statue at the building entrance plus all of the angels around the building – it may be a Christian theater…?  Lo and behold, they “Bring Bible stories to life”.  We were seeing “The Miracle of Christmas” – the story of events leading up to and including His birth.  I have to say it again and can’t say it enough – ah-mazing!  The children are still talking about it and singing some of the songs!
It is a 3 side stage, real animals, actors and animals coming and going down the aisles beside you, angels coming down from above you.  If you want an overview, reserve seats in the balconies.  If you want to be immersed in it, reserve floor seating.  Starting March 26 (the day after Missy’s birthday!) through the end of the year they are running Jonah – complete with a 40 foot tall ship that breaks apart on stage.  All of the children have requested begged for us to go back for that.  

Grandparents – 60+ years married! 

Famous Dave’s BBQ– 
Little’s chillin with Grandpa before we got our table.
again, yummo eats!  We got 2 of the big platters to feed our crew of 14 – and had left overs!  This was also Grandma’s 80th birthday dinner so they brought out a bread pudding dessert with a huge sparkling firework candle while we sang happy birthday. 
Around Town – 
We found a HUGE “Inspirational home décor” store – “inspirational” turned out to be “Christian”!  We had stopped at the Amish store – which is also very impressive by the way – and noticed Santa with a real reindeer in front.  So we went to check it out.  Mr. took the children to see the reindeer and go into the store while I nursed BabyGirl.  I didn’t make it in because she decided to make a huge mess.  Sigh.  It happens with babies in tow.  It is high on the priority list for next visit.

Claims to be the largest Titanic museum.  It’s another “next time to do”.

My overall review of Branson – it is a beautiful city with Christian undertones.  It seems to be geared toward shopping, shows and attractions.  Being winter, the attractions were closed.  Which was fine, we wouldn’t have had time for anything more.   
The shopping was heavy in both “regular” chain stores and mom & pop/handcrafts type.  Hit up all the “little” stores you can – amazing unique handcrafts!  I don’t see a reason to shop at regular chain stores I have easy access to at home.  Skip the outlets – the prices and sales are the same as the regular stores, and after reading about outlet stores, not worth it considering the similar prices.  
I was told the summer is their peak season, when lines are long and traffic is bumper to bumper.  Everything closes from January to March.  At this time of year there were little lines and moderate traffic but tons of Christmas spirit city wide.  Pick a couple of must sees, fill in the time with what you can, have fun and plan to come back – you will not see all you want to see in a few days.  My inlaws have gone every year and still haven’t seen all there is to see.  Thankfully it is a short drive and perfect for weekend getaways.  
Thank you so much Grammy and Poppy!!  So many memories made!!

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Branson – Day 2 — 2 Comments

  1. Glad you liked it! Where I live Branson is a BIG deal! I went with just my hubby once but we are pretty sure it is not for us. I was sad that we were in the Ozarks with next to no hiking. We pretty much slept there and then drove to Arkansas to hike and canoe. I am more of a cabin girl myself. Oh yeah, we went to use gift certificates we had but I messed up when I booked the room so we had the

    • Branson is big here, we have just never gone for some reason LOL It certainly is not set up for an Ozark getaway :-\ Definitely for shows and shopping. And we are not shoppers… so yea. LOL The hotel – OH no! That makes it even worse 🙁 Love that you went on and made it a good trip despite all that 😉

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