7 Quick Takes – 12/6/2013


Since my phone died a few weeks before Thanksgiving, it occurred to me it was probably a good time to completely unplug anyway.  Not that I was online much but the few times a day I was on was spent on Facebook and news sites.   Maybe it was God’s gentle hand pushing me out of the world – again – to focus on Him and His gifts during this season.  I need those reminders often still.


A couple of weeks into phonelessness, the twitching started to subside and the ticks went away.  Then Mr. bought a new (to me) phone.  Good news – I’m finally in 4G and it turns on!  Bad news – the SD card slot has missing prongs so won’t read the card, which means no use of the camera or music apps and within a few days, it is now doing the exact same thing the last one did – having to stay plugged in all the time.  Since it is the same make of my previous phone (yay for not having to learn a new phone!) we plan to use the old one for parts – SD card slot for me, glass for Mr.  I am believing it will keep working until we can get new ones in the spring. 

The most important part?  I have a phone that works again!  That first day we sat in the truck for 12 hours streaming Netflix…  why the truck?  Surround sound!  Mr. had the plug in speaker with him.  Soo 2.5 gigs later… and yea… thankful we have unlimited data.  In our defense, we haven’t watched Netflix in months.  And actually haven’t watched it much since but it was a fun movie day!


Toby’s the Elf is back!  He showed up the day after Thanksgiving, bringing a nice coloring page note.  That little prankster has already been into the chocolate sauce.  Sigh.  I just don’t know what to do with him!  So it is now official – Thanksgiving is over, the tree is up as is the Advent wreath (even if it is old candles), Toby is here – we are ready for Christmas! 


We were blessed with a blue flame propane heater last week.  Someone else previously blessed us with a 100lb tank.  First night -we turned it on for 2 hours around dinner.  Yall, for the first time in 2 years, it was 20 outside and it was hot inside!  We slept without 6 layers of blankets!  The children even wiggled out of their sleeping bags!  And apparently not a moment to soon!  We are sitting here on Wednesday, a balmy 74 outside… in December… which can only mean one thing – an apocalyptic ice storm is on its way.  Half an inch of freezing rain is what they are currently forecasting by Friday morning. 


Update on Thursday:

Now it is up to .75 inches of ice expected.  And every store in Central Arkansas is sold out of milk and bread.  Thankfully we prepped up Tuesday for this mess.  Then Murphy came to visit – that heater decided to start malfunctioning at 1pm… hours before a “devastating ice storm” hits the area and no store in the state has any.  While running around trying to figure out a solution to that problem, the generator owner called and asked for the geni back in case they lost power.  I instantly went into “Panic and cry then plan and figure out” mode.  For some reason I can’t get to the “plan and figure out” stage until I go through the “panic and cry” phase.  The cry seems to be the important part.  Now we had no way to heat the house and half of my meal plan was shot with no oven. 

At 5pm, I had the pleasure of going to Walmart to get a few things to change the menu plans.  Then came home Mr. set up the heater again, I dug out all of our camp cooking stuff again and Mr. D blessed us hugely with backup heat.  And for some reason, the heater started working – Praise God!!  Praying it continues – we are supposed to have lows in the teens all week – EEK!!


I have to say – the expedition into the craziness of Walmart hours before an ice storm was… interesting to say the least.  What I found most interesting is the food choices that were sold out or near sold out.  Mind you, for 2 days the weather men have been preaching to be ready to go a few days without power.  Eggs, mostly gone – milk, the same – bread, gone – chips, gone – cheese, a ton left – sandwich meat, a ton left – hamburger, gone – crackers, only a few boxes left. 

My question – do people think “Hrm, need bread… oh out… crackers will be fine… and chips, must. Have. Chips.”   The Frito Lay man was there with 7 carts to restock.  7.  In our little town.   Furthermore, do they think about how they are going to cook when the power goes out?  Sandwiches do not appear to be on the menu unless they are doing PB&J.  Hamburger helper is, that was gone as well as mac and cheese.  Is the plan to cook it on the grill?  Have they ever cooked a skillet meal in below freezing weather?  Cause I’m here to tell you, when it is 20 outside, you really don’t want to be outside tending a fire or a skillet meal.  Let’s hope they have alternative plans!


Totally unrelated to the previous points – BabyGirl is cutting 4 molars – at the same time!  Poor thing!  The Baltic amber seems to be doing marvelous though!  She isn’t as bad as I would expect being this many molars.  Nursing a lot more and chewing on everything but not overly cranky.   Why do all our children cut multiple teeth?  Guess it is better than doing one at a time over a period of months. 

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7 Quick Takes – 12/6/2013 — 2 Comments

  1. I have the same problem solving process…. I am glad it worked out. When we first moved here, we had to spend a few nights in the van to sleep where it was warm! So grateful for a wood stove now…. cooking and heating issues solved.

    I am puzzled by the grocery store choices of people, all the time. even more so during a storm…. but good news for me, aside from bread, everything I

    • We have spent more nights than I care to admit in the truck ahem LOL so not comfy for us adults but the children loved it!

      Having a well stocked pantry helps soo much! Especially on these kind of storm weeks 🙂

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