7 Quick Takes – 12/13/2013

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Do you see this beautiful granite and marble Mr. scored!!  They are oopsies and cutoffs from an installer.  Mosaic projects running through my head –wood stove alcove, an outdoor table – maybe even kitchen backsplash??  Ooh, so excited!  

 This is my favorite I think.  I didn’t even know there was red granite!  And it’s red all the way through.  I can totally see a border with that. 


I have spent the last few days going though and finding scriptures to write on our studs.  My problem?  Not enough studs for all the scriptures I want to seal in our home.  #TinyHouseProblems  My next problem is going to be actually writing them all.  #HandCrampProblem  Just bought 6 new Sharpies for the project and will likely enlist the children’s help.  This may be the project this coming weekend when we are iced in again.


Can you believe it is less than 2 weeks until Christmas?  Which means less than 3 weeks until a new year?!  Wha-what?  My parents weren’t kidding when they said the years would fly by faster the older I got. And I have nothing for Christmas.  Nothing ya’ll.  I’m such a slacker mom.  This year has been a bit chaotic for my usual Christmas Partners and Crime – read: my dad and sister who distract the children so I can be sneaky and purchase things while we spend a day together.  My goal is to start and finish all shopping this weekend with Mr.  Wish us luck, we’re coming down to the wire here.


Speaking of Christmas – have you seen Cee-lo’s Mary Did You Know?  Love, love, LOVE!!  This is by far my favorite video for this song!


Toby’s been making the children laugh as usual.  Love how excited they are to see what he had been up to while they were asleep – like hiding in trees, cutting snowflakes

driving backhoes.

 Sometimes (ok, most days) Toby has an accident and falls from wherever he is perched.  Of course we know touching him makes him lose his magic but we also can’t let him just lay on the floor.  

 Introducing the Elf Resituator (aka: BBQ tongs)!  (I totally made up that word.)  Whatever you gotta do right?


We also found out that our little sneaker likes to play games.  We woke up one morning to Toby tied up by the army men. 

Those silly army men! 

The next day, I see this.  

Aww, how sweet, Toby praying before Our Lady of Guadalupe oh her feast day!  What a sweet little elf!  That was until Mr. Littlest hollered “Mama!  Look what Toby did!” and I see this:

Payback from a sneaky little elf!


We are going on a fabulous getaway this weekend!  So, so excited!  It is our Christmas gift from the In-Laws!  A show, shopping, lovely hotel with the fam!  Will post pics later this week.

Edited to add:  And that is why this 7QT was somehow written and saved on Thursday but not published until Sunday.  We are having a blast and I didn’t get to it yet LOL

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