7 QT – 12/20/2013

My birthday was Thursday.  Wha-what!  Yup, the big 33.  I find it funny that so many people were (jokingly) putting me back in my 20’s.  When I turned 30 that was funny – that was a rough turning of the calendar leaving my 20’s.  Now… now I rather enjoy being in my 30’s.  My 20’s were rough – going from 1 to 5 children, first 12 years of marriage, on top of trying to work through all those issues created during my teens.  I am so glad to no longer here “Oh your so young…” which was actually code for “Yes you may have 4 children and been married for a decade but you still have no clue because you are ‘only’ 20-something”.  You can have your “Anniversaries of your 21th (or 29th) birthday” – I will enjoy the fact that I survived my 20’s and am firmly planted in my 30’s. 
The children were so excited – the bigs went into the store all by themselves to pick out my cake – and it was beautiful!  Plus I got a pecan pie!  Then learned that I am old enough to have to watch what I eat.  Two pieces of pie for breakfast will give heartburn.  Hrm, is that why folks celebrate 29th birthday anniversaries?  Cause I could eat a whole pie before and not get heartburn…

How do you combine a birthday 5 days before Christmas with a tiny house?  I wasn’t sure either.  I mean new pots are great and all but kind of cheesy because well, it’s not really for me.  It’s more like “for me to cook for everyone else”.   Not so fun.  So I was stumped on what to ask for.  Until one of my besties from way back to Jr. High posted some lovely craft stuff she’s getting rid of.  Her family is also downsizing to really small… and she is like me with an obsession with crafty things.  Although she actually gets to use her stuff and is really good, like sellable good.  I resisted the urge to post SOLD on her scrapbook offerings… and her candle making offer (I gave away all of mine years ago).  But then I saw it – an XXL scrap tote.  And a huge illegal 100 watt incandescent light bulb went off above me.  That would be perfect!  It’s totally for me, portable for my desire to go to scrap nights AND helps me reign in my scraping supplies from my current “wall o stuff” that I have been trying to downsize but don’t have a “size regulator” to limit my “what if I find a place for it” musings.  (How’s that for a run on sentence!)  If it doesn’t fit I can’t keep it.  Yay for presents with a purpose!

BabyGirl is full of fun growing up surprises.  She nods her head yes and no as an appropriate response.  She lets us know (very loudly) when she disagrees with something.  She can use a straw (much to my surprise).  Every morning when the first child jumps up and says “I’m going to go find Toby” and all the others jump up quickly, she does as well.  I have to be quick to grab her as she’s running off the bed.  After bringing her downstairs she searches around just like the Bigs until she spots him.  Then it’s laughs and baby talk while she points him out to the others.  All day you can ask her “Where’s Toby?” and she will happily walk over and point him out to you.  I just love being witness (again) to all these brain connections made daily.

Christmas shopping – 99% done yall!  BAM!  Oh well this close to Christmas it’s probably not a big deal.  What is a big deal is that as of Monday I had nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.  We just didn’t have enough time while in Branson to do my intended shopping.  Tuesday night the children went with Nana to shop for their Christmas presents, so Mr. and I had a nice little dinner and went shopping, 3 hours later and BAM!  Practically done.  I say practically because I am missing 3 things (all from 1 store!) and I am having severe buyer’s remorse over something else.  If I can’t find what I really want I will roll with what I have even though it only fulfills 1 of the 3 criteria I was after.  This is where the “when living tiny only own what you love” problem bites me – before this I would just find a ‘good enough’ and replace it when I find the ‘just perfect’.  Positive thoughts that I will find ‘perfect’ tonight at the 1 store and tomorrow I can return ‘good enough’. 

I have come to the conclusion that there is a conspiracy against me having a phone.  Yea, that new (to me) one Mr. got…  isn’t working.  Now personally, I think it could be a Verizon issue.  It was working fine, 4G, holding signal until I talked to them.  Seriously, within minutes of getting off the phone with them – nothing.  I have to “catch a signal” just to send a text.  Read: attempt resend 2-3 times.  Data, ha!  If I am really really patient and wait, about every 15 minutes I’ll catch a 1x for a few minutes.  Now it could do with the fact that we (the children and I) use about 4 gigs of data each week (wow streaming Netflix really uses up that data!) but even so, we pay for unlimited.  SMH.  Verizon conspiracy I tell ya!
We have finally had a good insect invasion!  Yall remember all those scorpions and bees and red wasps… about a month ago we noticed little black dots all over the fascia’s.  What in the world?!  After a quick scurry up the ladder – lo and behold it was dozens (hundreds??) of ladybugs!  Well that’s… odd… and neat.  Many of those said ladybugs are still finding their way into the house.  I thought for sure the freezing ice would have killed them but I guess they are cozy.  Probably in the eves.  Sigh.  Thought I had those sealed up fairly tight.  At least they are pretty, beneficial, oh yea and NON KILLER ladybugs.  
A new year is just 11 short days away.  That always means new plans in my head.  Reorganize and refocus.  Yes I realize that by June, or even by March if we are honest, we will not be “on tract” according to the plan.  It still makes me feel better to have a focus for the year.  Surely I am not the only one really trying to be purposeful with this, right?

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