7 Quick Takes – 11-9-2013

It’s official.  My phone is dead.  “Battery is swollen and won’t charge even when I put Mr.’s battery in my phone” kind of dead.  Three days and my twitch is beginning to subside.  It’s been a long time coming, bless its heart, it’s been through a lot, that phone.  Moves to Texas and back (twice!), uncountable trips, many firsts and thousands of pictures capturing it all.  Now comes the lovely dreadful task of picking a new phone.  Of course it can’t be that easy!  We have one of those “grandfathered” plans which actually means “we are trying to screw you and make it sound really awesome!  My options: lose the really awesome plan we have with unlimited data and switch to a new plan with 2 gigs for the same price (?!), pay full price for a phone at the store or buy a phone (new or used) elsewhere.  Obviously, with each of us using around 10 gigs a month, the first option is out.  Even if I did pay full price for a new phone at the store we would be saving money within a couple of months vs. paying for all those monthly data charges.  So the hunt is on for a new or newish phone.  And the options are endless since I am not looking at the 10 phones available at the store.  Beyond an HDMI and a decent camera with a second front facing, I am clueless.  Pray for me.
We were given a cricket MIFI thing.  How amazing it is!  Oh we were so excited, more options than my (at that time) barely working phone!  Wifi for laptops, for Bou’s phone, tablets!  Netflix is back for mama’s sanityeducational shows for the children!  Whoo hoo!!  Except it doesn’t work in our dome.  WHAT?!  Nice, right.  That has been a running joke for us.  It seems we have this lovely dome around our property that messes all signals up.  Go to the end of the drive at the road, works – at the gate, works – at the house or in the front yard, no go.  Dreams shattered.  No, I am not being overly dramatic either.  I guess the upside is I can use it in front of the church twice a week and not have to go mooch in someone’s driveway or McDonald’s parking lot somewhere.
Since we were so busy getting ready for the insulation guy and then had a lovely stay at the hospital, the girls Halloween costumes were put off until THE day.  And this first time sewing mom was able to bust out 2 of the 4!  What, what!  Ok, so they were not completely finished, as in the tops and sleeves.  That’s ok, with my quick thinking and courtesy of a now much smaller photography background and a lot of safety pins, I was able to whip out a couple of “scarf/cape” tops to cover up the unfinished part.  They turned out pretty good considering I had no idea what exactly I was doing and only had 5 hours.  The girls loved them, I love how they didn’t see all those flaws that screamed “first timer” and everyone else had nice comments that I am pretending were genuine and not of the “just say something nice” variety.
The fall festival went well!  Some adult in our family decided it wouldn’t add that much chaos if we took 2 other boys with us to church like normal.  Not like normal, we were staying after church to help decorate and set up the booths.  All.  Day.  Long.  With 2 additional children ages 9 and 11.  Boys if I must remind.  Happy to report, we survived!!  We split the 6 younger ones into 3 groups, explained if they separated from their group they were going to sit at the booth for the rest of the evening and off they went.  After getting the booths set up and decorating the welcome center, Mr. painted faces most of the night.  Bou helped out at his various booths (he is involved in like everything!).  I just tried to keep tabs on everyone and entertain BabyGirl, which was chaotic enough, TYVM.  The take down happened SO much faster than setup!  No kidding, what took 3 hours to set up took 20 minutes to take down.  Crazy!
The downside to having to make the costumes so late is we got out to trick or treating late and only managed to hit up a trunk or treat.  Between that, candy from the grandparents and from the fall festival, Mr. and I’s candy tax coffer are unbelievably low.  So low in fact that I have taken to eating Milk Duds.  I use the term “eating” loosely, sucking off the chocolate and throwing away the caramel counts as eating doesn’t it.  Don’t laugh, it gets worse.  In a sheer moment of desperation or genius depending on your perspective, I realized there is a thick layer of chocolate over a Heath bar that you can bite off in chunks leaving the toffee in one solid brick…  Don’t judge.
You’ve heard of No Shave November, how about No Spend November!  Besides Christmas and a Christmas gift trip to put back money for, we also have a million half-done projects around here.  You know how it is when you have a house – all those projects that have been started and not finished, yea, it’s that, in a house under construction.  And it is driving me insane seeing them all day, every day.  I’m hoping to tie those all up before more projects get started this winter, likely for another “finish the half-done projects month” in the spring.  So I’m doing another no spend, beans and rice kinda month to hopefully get it all accomplished.  Pray for us.  On the flip – it feels sooooo good to finally mark things off the list that have been there for so long!  Victory!
Bou has decided he wants to try his hand at productions!  So he will be doing a vlog post a couple of times a month.  He’s been doing them for a while, I have been the slacker blogger mom and not posted them.  So he will be in charge of posting them as well, ‘cause I’m just a lazy cool mama like that.  Keep an eye out!!

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