Rowdy Boys and ER visits

There is a reason the Lord gave me a boy first… and then 3 girls before the next boy.  And my word is he all boy. 

First the good news – Praise God, it is only a concussion.  No brain bleeds, fractures or air pockets.  So what landed him in this position?

He was a cowboy riding a bucking bronco – aka the little rocking horse BabyGirl got on Saturday for her birthday.  The horse bucked him off, apparently the floor is harder than his head and won that round.  We were doing alright with the cold sweat, until he started throwing up, passing out, no color combo.  Then mama decided to call in the big guns.  By the time we got to mother-in-laws house, had the paramedic next door look at him and knew my dad was on his way, I decided he was going to the hospital, that glazed over rolling to the back eye stare sufficiently freaked me out.

Funny story after the fact of course, when the ambulance arrived and evaluated, their opinion being he needed to be checked out, he looked at me and said “You can drive yourself or y’all can go in the ambulance.”  And all I could think was “I can’t drive like this, all that way, guess we’re going by ambulance!”  It wasn’t until we were strapped into the ambulance and driving down the road that it occurred to me – my dad, who was driving my truck with BabyGirl to the hospital, could have just as easily driven us.  Doh. 

Other random thoughts that came to mind, in no particular order on the 40 minute trip:  not bad, first ambulance ride in 15 years of parenting 6 children… Mr. has riden in an ambulance a few times in the last 15 years…  oh darn, I didn’t get a picture of this first, surly it’s ok I didn’t document it, right?…  ooh glad I procrastinated cleaning out the truck today, I still have clothes for BabyGirl, the camera, banana’s…

Bless his heart, he was such a trooper!!  Especially when they started his IV and again when removing it.  It hurts so bad but he didn’t shed a single tear.  He is absolutely our rough and tumble, stout little boy. 

We were barely settled in the ER room when someone came whisking in with a new bear and had the touchscreen up to find a movie for him – little things to try and make him feel more comfortable even though he was fading in and out often. He clung to the bear until Papa showed up with his blanket and Rockstar bear.  Actually, he still is.

Praise God, the CT came back clear like I said earlier, but he kept vomiting which made them want to keep him for “overnight observation”.  Thankfully the other children are old enough to stay home and not need someone to take off work anymore!  Yay!

They were having some issues on what to do with BabyGirl and I since she is still nursing all night.  Somehow it all worked out and they decided it would be ok for both of us to stay.  Thank you Lord!  The alternative would have been we would have had to leave and Papa would have stayed with Mr. Littlest. 

The Lord was amazing again!  Once we got up to the Neuro clinic, guess who was walking down the hallway but a friend from my small group Bible Study who is a tech in that clinic!! Amazing!!  She instantly came up and gave me a hug, asked what happened and reassured me he was in good hands.  She was so sweet and helpful, so grateful!! 

Sleep, in a hospital, we all know is non-existent.  I was prepared this time and asked for the laptop.  Papa slept on the chair bed, I piled up on the bed with my two littlests and the laptop for an all night blogathon.

The night was uneventful thankfully.

After a way to early breakfast of “lets see if he can tolerate jello and dry cereal” (oh how exciting!) a “child life specialist” came and asked if we wanted to go play.  As much as I love watching and reciting word for word most Disney/Pixar movie ever made, I was up for a change.

Off we went to Camp Wannaplay.  Wow, look at all this cool stuff to play with and do!  What do you want to do??  Oh yea, of course… 

This was a really neat area – lots of different activities, a supervised craft, a very padded outdoor play area.

We came back and they still didn’t have our discharge papers ready but Mr. L said he was hungry – and he wasn’t kidding!  This little boy scarfed down a hot dog, a cheeseburger, a bowl of mac and cheese and a carton of milk!  Then again, he had not eaten and kept anything down for 24 hours, I’m sure he was very hungry!  Then the moment he had been asking patiently for –

 the removal of the IV line!  Which meant papers were coming!!  Bless his heart, he was so strong and brave, such a trooper. He also better not think hospitals are fun after this!

 And that’s it – I am done with hospitals!  Please!  Although I fear with this rough and tumble boy of ours, we may be just getting started :-  Lord be with us 🙂

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