This has been the day we have been dreaming about, it seems like forever.  We finally scrounged up the cash to get it done.  Sprayfoam is not the cheapest insulation available, but it is the best and the only way to go for a hot roof design.  Being off grid, every dollar we spend now in insulation is multiplied exponentially in the savings later.  Definitely worth it!  

The guy that was supposed to do it was slammed solid for weeks.  Bless his heart, I know how hard it is to pass on a job in this economy, but he did, referring us to a guy he works with for big projects.  Divinely, he was able to squeeze us in the next morning – the day before we were forecasted to be in the mid 30’s for the first time this season!  Glory, glory!

The rush of last minute preps was stepped into high gear.  Get beds and toys moved downstairs, last minute framing done, wood cut smooth for later drywall install.  Finally when he arrived, the rush was over.  What’s done is done, what’s not… well, we will figure that out later.  We spent the next 3 hours playing outside, trying to peek upstairs occasionally.

We are soo excited to have it!  The difference in temp was amazing the first night!  The house was warmer than outside by probably 10 degrees!  Which may not seem like a lot, but we learned from last year, there is a huge difference between 35 and 45.  We didn’t even ask, but he so graciously filled in some of the funky angled wall cavities that have been difficult to insulate using the denim batts.  Love!

What I did not expect was for it to make such a stinkin mess!  Oh my word!  It shoots out of the hose in what I can only describe as misty dots, he puts a few thin layers on and then it expands.   He covered the windows and the stairwell, but that mist and the scraped off shavings found its way through every little crack!  Fair warning to anyone else getting it done – cover everything in the rooms connected to the one getting sprayfoamed.  Even after 2 days of vacuuming our tiny house I am finding shavings and misty dots.
No more flyers or crawlers are coming in up here, this sucker is sealed tight! 

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Insulation!! — 2 Comments

    • Thank you!! We are so excited and soooo close to having bed'rooms'! I do really like the headroom up there. It is angled enough to put the beds next to the wall to maximize floor space but when they sit up they won't hit their heads. Plus, with it being 11' in the center it makes it feel so much bigger, not claustrophobic like I was afraid of. (And maybe hopefully it will cut

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