Happy 1st Birthday BabyGirl

It is so hard to believe it’s been a year!  If you ever question if things will change, just have another baby, it will become overwhelmingly apparent how much change happens in a year!  We are so blessed! 

This first cake is always bitter sweet for me.  Up until this 1st birthday cake, the children are exclusively nursed.  Those kissable cheeks and chubby thighs, those plump hands and feet, the round belly – almost 2 years of growing and developing, all from God’s perfect design through my body and nothing else.    All seasons must come to an end and this season change is marked by a party and first food of sweet homemade (yes organic) birthday cake! 

The girls were insistent – they were making BabyGirl’s cakes – Girly was to do the smash cake and Lady to do the cake for us.  For days they colored and drew their designs out “like Cake Boss does”.  They did a great job making the scratch cakes and icing then decorating!  I will admit, I had to busy myself with other things to save them from my perfectionistic “here I’ll show you” self.  I am so glad I did!  They look and tasted great and they were soo proud of themselves!

BabyGirl however, was less than impressed with the cake. 

 The others all dug in and made huge messes with their first cakes, Missy was very delicate with hers, taking quite a while to get into it.  BabyGirl wouldn’t have any of that. 

 After touching it a few times then tasting it, she wanted it off her fingers, waving them around attempting to shake it off, wiping her hands on the sheet, anything to get it off. 

Her smash cake was never smashed – even after the icing was wiped off.  She just didn’t want it, the easiest 1st birthday cake cleanup I’ve ever had!  

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