A Window Story

Do you see that?!  God is good yall!  Not like you didn’t already know that, but let me tell you the amazingness He pulled off today!  We decided to take some money from the insulation fund to order the last window – it takes two weeks to get it and Thursday the lows are forecasted in the low 30’s (already!!). 
I call my dad, he is up for a short notice Lowe’s trip (Thank you!) I need someone to talk things through with and keep me sane while trying to you know, think with children around.  Nothing goes smoothly when building a house, nor when you are getting material for it.  Ever.  I’ll hit highlights because it would be a novel otherwise:
Me: “I ordered a window a few months ago, I need the same window reordered only double-hung this time.”
Worker can’t find the detailed order so we don’t know what size it is for sure and I’m not about to rely on my less-than-impeccable memory.  Slight panic.
He calls 2 other people… that never respond.
Look through files that they are supposed to keep – nothing.
15 minutes in – Call company direct, they have a record.  Back in business!
We build window.
Window prices have gone up… a lot!
Instead of the $220 we were quoted a few months ago, the same sized window, cheapest company, basic, no frills is now $290.
Mr. doesn’t  answer call or text.  Increase panic.
Try single hung, no add ons.
$220 and 3 weeks lead time.
Worker calls company back – nope, there’s no mistake; they recently jumped all of their prices.  That low-e coating and argon fill that was $6 is now $28 among things “I’m sorry for the inconvenience”. 
Increase panic, not sure what to do.  It’s upstairs, the only window with full direct sun, we kinda need a double hung to let that extra 4 feet of hot air out during the summer and the coating to block some heat…
Mr. still doesn’t answer his phone or text.
30 minutes in – Worker remembers they just got a bunch of almond color returns.
Walk back and find the perfect window in every way – Pella, every add on you can get – except it is air filled instead of argon – $180 (regularly almost $400!)
Maybe, just maybe… look at other windows.
See another perfect window like above, plus argon – only 1 foot shorter than our opening – $145 (regular $300)
“Talk me through it daddy – pros, cons, thoughts”, text Mr., call Mr., still nothing…  rack brain trying to think from all angles – air filled/big or shorter/cheaper.
Worker says “I’ll take another $15 off that short window if you want it.”
Just that easy!  We walk out with a beautiful new window that works out better than the larger one we had originally intended – now instead of in 3 weeks and for almost $100 less than what we intended on spending and way cheaper than it actually would have been!  He is *amazing*!
After loading it into the truck, me doing a jumping happy dance like a little girl in the parking lot, we are finished with windows and only paid full price for 1 of the 10!  Praise the Lord!  I am sooo excited! 
Come on insulation and siding!! 

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