A Tiny House needs…

A Tiny Shed!!  This is what has been taking all of our time the last few weeks.  Building and filling this beauty up. 

Not bad for free materials we had laying around and a few days labor!  Pallet wood for the framing, 24″ on center, siding we were given, windows that were supposed to go upstairs but we forgot to frame for and the old front door placed to open out.  After we order the metal roof, we will be into it for $30!  

Tool tent – GONE!  Big tool stuff on the deck – GONE! 

 Crate of miscellaneous stuff – GONE!  All of it in this beautiful 4×8 foot shed.

Annnnnd that’s not all!

I made this last month for all the tools that were in the house.

Yall, seriously.  I never knew there were so many tools needed to “keep handy” while building. And by “kept handy” I mean “somewhere in that pile under the stairs, just keep digging and you’ll find it”.

This was also super easy, again, pallet wood (and an extra 2×4 we had).  I did purchase the 1/4 inch ply and the boards on top.  It was well worth the $30 price tag for the storage and extra seating.

The best part of all of it – all of that building ‘clutter’ is now organized and contained behind closed doors (or lids) – out of sight!!  Love, love!

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