7 Quick Takes – 10-25-2013

Up this week:  Girly’s church weekend encounter, a Gift’s epiphany, finalizing bed”rooms”, non-pantry coming together, costumes and offgrid slacker moms, fall festivals and BabyGirl’s new trick.

Girly had a great time at her weekend church camp getaway.  So great in fact that we heard every detail, sometimes twice, for days after.  Yet not one single picture.  How is that possible from the girl that will take pictures of anything and everything?  Perhaps she was having so much fun she forgot to capture the moments on film (or is it pixals now) choosing instead to be fully in the moments.  Or she was afraid of losing or breaking the camera…  I like the first one better.
An epiphany moment.  I’m 6 weeks into One Thousand Gifts study… and lost my Gifts Journal for 3 days!!  Wow yall!!  Many observations.  First – I’m surprised it took me that long to forget it somewhere.  For the last couple of weeks I have tried to remember to carry it with me so I can write them down as the gifts are noticed because… (Observation #2) I still suck at remembering the gifts.  Somehow on any given day I can easily count around 20 or more gifts…  when it is around me.  When I do it once a day I get strain to get 10.  When the book was found after 3 days, I struggled to remember even 10 things from those 3 days!   That is why the writing down part (or stacking stones) is so important.  We so quickly forget without the visual reminder.  Lessons learned.
Now that the upstairs is spray foamed, we set out to finalize the bedroom layout.  As much as I want a kitchen, the children (read: mama) need individual spaces.  Let’s refresh:  5 children, 300 square feet, no bunks.  BabyGirl will continue bunking with us until she is at least 2 like the others have and the ceiling is not tall enough to accommodate bunks, unless we put them in the middle of the room… which isn’t happening.  It is not exactly how I envisioned it but it is close and I think livable!  Hopefully we can get it knocked out over the next month or so.  Just in time for Christmas!  Which would make shopping so much easier!
Speaking of kitchens, I brought all my Oxo’s home!  Oh how lovely it is to have them all cleaned and filled up once again.  We wasted no time in making up mixes, baking and making desserts.  Even though I said I shouldn’t, I couldn’t help myself.  I brought home my Kitchen Aide.  I figure we will continue hand mixing most things but for heavy things I can time things carefully and run multiple big appliances – grinder, mixer, vacuum – with the generator… least that’s what I’m telling myself.  After getting it all half-hazardly organized, I was thrown another bit of perspective.  Goodness, my pantry area looks so big when BabyGirl stands next to it!  (Insert picture here, sadly I left my camera at the house so uploading will have to be tomorrow.  I know, totally on the ball here!)

Edited to add said photo!!


It’s official – I’m a slacker mom.  The girls wanted me to make their Halloween costumes – to be the Ingalls Girls.  Last week we (finally!) found fabric they each liked.  Apparently calico prints are not a common request anymore.  Chevron, zebra stripped, huge floral patterns are so not 1800’s America.  Finally in the Walmart clearance bin we hit eureka – each girl found a pattern and a color they liked.  Then we had to get ready for the insulation guy.  So here we are 6 days away and not a single costume has been made.  At an off grid house.  Which means 2am cram sewing sessions are not possible.  While I take some reassurance that I cannot possibly be the only mama who hasn’t even started sewing for her 4 girls’ costumes, I also figure I can’t be the only off grid mama.  I mean if 5% of the US is offgrid, there is hope out of that 15 million… right?  Right?  Ahem.  Just smile and nod, make me feel better please.  I may have to ask, or beg and plead, my sister to help get these knocked out in a day or two… at her powered house.  With sewing machines.  Maybe I can bribe her with Halloween candy…  Update to come.
The Fall Festival is next week at church.  I have never been to one, yet somehow, I/we are part of 2 booths.  Catholics generally do Halloween and All Saints Day.  This is a new one for me.  Of course all my ideas for games and decor are Halloween geared so I played it safe and stayed out of the conversations, smiling and nodding like I totally knew what was going on.  Mr. offered to paint faces for one of the booths – ya’ll remember the Mardi Gras mask –

yea, he rocks at it!  I’m just helping to set up and run whatever is needed.  Ya’ll don’t want me painting faces.  Well, unless you are alright with a heart… or a smiley face.  I rock at those!

This is a strange QT, but I have to say it.  BabyGirl, at 11 months and 2 weeks old, figured out how to blow her nose.  I told you it was strange.  But let’s be real here – first, I’ve never had a child figure it out that early.  How many times have you sat there with your 2 or 3 year old saying “blow”, losing all adult poise and any cool points you may have racked up, trying to show them how.  Remember how excited you got when they finally “got” it?  Yea, that.  This soon!   Hand her a tissue, tell her to blow her nose, and just like a big kid, it’s done!  Shweet!!  Oh so way cute!  (Again, insert picture here, but will have to upload later LOL)

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