7 Quick Takes – 10-18-2013

Up this week: the last window, insulation good and bad, the Not Yard Sale, weekend church camp, a surprise from BabyGirl and going all old school.


I had intended on telling The Story of the New Window Because We Serve Such an Awesome God, but once it hit a full page I decided to publish it as a separate post for Monday because that isn’t quite a Quick Take.  So let me just sum it up for this – God is amazing and awesome and totally works things out regardless of how much we may or may not freak out in the days prior.  And I totally jumped around in the parking lot like a little girl at Disney once the window was placed securely in the truck.  Sorry, no pic of that moment.  I do however have this one:  

Our beautiful new window that Mr. stayed up way to late installing with the help of Bou and Lady.  Thankfully this is the last window he will have to install at 9pm!  Ignore all the “finishing the roof” paraphernalia up there, we are a work in progress.


I called the spray foam insulation guy to set up a day to come out.  Oh how looooooong we have waited for this day!  I’m not sure exactly what I expected.  I suppose I thought I would call him and he would magically be open the whole next day to come on out and just like that, it would be done.  The good news: we can get insulation in the roof before winter.  The bad news: it will be the end of next week if not into the week after before he can come out.  And panic started to enter this mama’s head because Thursday’s low is in the mid to low 30’s.  (Already!)  But we made it through last winter… and it’s only another week…  At least we have a window to fill the gaping hole!


This was Weekend Attempt #3 for a yard sale… and yet again, it’s not happening.  Sigh.  After spending all that time going through crapstuff, it is still just sitting, begging to be carried off to a new home with our pockets a little heavier.  Attempt #1 was stifled from rain and Mini taking his trailer back.  Attempt #2 was stifled by finding out at 7pm on Friday night that Mr. had to work at 6am on Saturday.  Attempt #3 is a repeat of last weekend.  Call me a wimp, that’s ok.  I just don’t think it’s the best idea to take all the children solo to the flea market to sell our wares at 5am.  Sadly I’m not getting any hits on the local sale sites either.  Think it’s time to do some major grouping and Craigslist everything.  Or maybe set up shop on the side of a highway.  It’s another one of those lessons of “In God’s timing” when your really not wanting to wait.  Yea, that.  And even after all this, I still stink at it.


Girly is off to her first church camp experience this weekend.  Between a short term loan from a sister and a gift from Mr. D she was able to scrounge up the cash to go on this weekend excursion!  What a blessing!  She was so excited.  It’s only been 5 hours and we all miss her already!  How funny is that.  The other girls are checking the time, then checking the itinerary to see what she is up to.  Every hour.  They fight like mad but sure do love each other!  She took my little cam to take pics with, many of which I’m sure will end up in a post next week!  So excited for her!


A lot of firsts and big moments this week!  
Yes, that is what it appears to be.  BabyGirl is walking!!  I was going to use the term ‘walker’ but this was premier week for The Walking Dead (Finally!)… it seems a wee bit creepy.   She still tries to be a cheater cheater and crawl sometimes – thankfully! – mama’s need a transition period!  She is the first one I missed seeing take their first steps but Lady was there coaxing her in the church nursery while mama was in Bible Study.  12 days before her 1st birthday – look out world – BabyGirl’s growin’ up!


For some reason, the “I really want to have our normal meals again” bug has hit me hard in the last few weeks.  Which led to a trip to Sam’s because that’s where I used to get a lot of our basics when we lived in the Big House.  It wasn’t until we brought the “little shopping trip” in (as in not a full buggy) and it took up the entire kitchen floor – that I realized it not have been the smartest move at the moment.  I mean given the whole “you have to live in this tiny space and finish it at the same” thing.  Oh and the “you have to do everything by hand because you don’t have power to use the KitchenAide as often as your used to”.   Suddenly it seems so daunting.  Yet I don’t care because I desperately miss fresh bread and muffins and cornbread.  I must be crazy.
Since I have apparently mostly gone to the deep end, I figured I may as well go all the way and jump.  I can’t have my KitchenAide, but I can have my NutriMill!!  I can run the generator for a few minutes once a week to grind up what we need.  Swoon!!  Hello fresh cornmeal and wheat flour! 


The promise of all this fresh cornbread in the near future meant that I needed to get my cast iron skillets in shape.  These poor things have been through it all when you combine southern summers and cast iron newbies.  Food burnt on?  Way too often.  Rained on?  On more than a few occasions.  Rusted?  A few times.  They have been burnt off and reseasoned a handful of times in the last 2 years while I learn and yearn for that deep glassy smooth surface like my mother in laws.  My father in law burned it all off and started me fresh at the beginning of the year and Mr. has seasoned them a few times for me since then.  
I think I may have figured it out this time!  I would wipe and the paper towel would turn black.  I’m guessing I wasn’t getting the fire hot enough resulting in burnt – not polymerized – oil.  When they say “roaring fire” they mean “roaring fire” not “yea, it will cook some burgers”.  Flax seed oil is supposed to be best but they don’t sell that in our little town.  Instead, armed with a jar of lard just for this purpose, a few hours on the rocket stove and multiple thin coats later – look at that shine!  And not a smudge of black comes off – even on the underside!  So excited!!
Hope you all have a Blessed Week!!  Now go on to Jen’s and check out some more 7QT!

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