7 Quick Takes – 10-11-2013

Up this week: Issues with scheduled posts, drowning in the chaos of toys and clothes for our Downsizing Sale, children discover light drawing with DSLR, a bone to pick with all your grid people, a duel use purchase  and a random photo dump.


You know, this whole “schedule blog post” feature is pretty awesome!  When you actually press the “Publish” button instead of the save button out of habit.  All the quiet this week was totally not intentional.  Me?  Quiet?  Ha!  Not likely for that long. 
Why would you need to schedule posts in your so not busy life you ask?  Oh because this is Attempt #2 at “Sell everything possible to get a big ole jump on some of these last needed build items before winter… and I’m tired of knowing the mess that looms behind closed doors at my mother-in-laws… oh and I’m done cleaning up toys scattered amongst the mess of totes behind those closed doors”.  But I figure that’s kinda lengthy so I’m just calling it a “Downsizing Sale”. 


We attempted it last Saturday but it rained.  Which was actually good because I did not realize how much crap stuff we had that was not organized, much to my shock and horror.  Here I thought everything was organized into totes.  In totes, yes.  Organized, not so much.
I present to you, in all its glory, the mess we’ve been going through. 
 This my friends, is all the toteable toys belonging to our lovely 6 children.  Count them – 29 totes!  Owwww-ch!  It’s not the “to big to fit in totes” toys, those cover a full size bed.  I know because that’s where they are.  It also does not count Bou’s Nerf Gun and Lego addictions collections.
This explains best when I say “Christmas is hard, 4 gifts from 5 sources equals 20 new toys per child and that means 120 new toys into our home.”  When you think “Oh, 29 totes between 6 children, that’s only 5 totes each” it doesn’t sound so bad.  Here, let me show you again:
That is a Wall-o-Toys.  And suddenly that 120 new toys takes on a whole new meaning doesn’t it.  Whew.  My goal is to have 1 tote per child for their various toys and reduce the “group” toys down like this:

And pray. 

It has been interesting.  One wants to stuff as much as possible into the tiny totes, one wants to get rid of just about everything… and then we have Mr. Littlest who says “this truck is trash, it has no buttons”. 

Wow.  Just wow.


And let me just mention the clothes real quick because I.  Was. SHOCKED!  This is what you end up with when you have 5 children and skip your twice a year consignment selloff two years in a row (remember this was before BabyGirl joined us).  Instead just bag them up and throw them in a closet.

Yall!  Yall!  No wonder I have to do the consignment twice a year – look at this overwhelming mess otherwise!  I figure even if I sold every article of clothing for $1, I would still rack up more than enough for a window.  And we still have 3 more yard bags full that I’m not touching at the moment.
Wish us luck.  Looks like rain again this Saturday.  I’m posting as much as possible on our local online yard sale sites to try and get stuff moving just in case.   
Now that I have made you feel way better about the chaos of toys and clothes that you have – your welcome – on to other things.  


I know you have been dying to know, so here it is – what an off grid family does at night when there’s nothing on our 3 channels and in an effort to keep from losing her mind, mama shows them a neat trick with a DSLR:

It was lovely – at least 2 hours, taking turns, “drawing” and looking at the results, figuring out speed, timing, settings.  Love!


I’m not sure what took so long for me to figure out that an under cabinet light is low wattage – 17 watts to be exact.  With the TV being only 60 watts, we can run the light and the TV via the truck’s inverter for about 3 hours.  To be even more awesome, it will only take a 40 watt panel to supply the needed power!  (Yes, I am hoping this selling stuff will result in enough excess for said panel.)  

Look at all that light!  Upstairs AND downstairs from one light!  Amazing!

Confession time:  I know everybody loves their grid power – and for good reason, I understand.  But something that has been bugging me a lot lately is all your power lines.  They really mess up the scenery of God’s creation and make it really difficult to capture them in pictures less like this:

And more like this:

Not this:

See it, there across the side…

There they are again!

That’s better.

I end up driving around in circles like I don’t know what I’m doing or running across streets looking like a crazy woman, trying to get a shot without all those power lines cutting through.  Rather irritating.  Surly I am not the only one who has experiences like this.  Since I’m sure you’re not going to get rid of them, if you could just like, go underground with them all or something, that would be great.  Thanks!
Yes, it occurs to me that perhaps I have gotten a little spoiled by our au naturel views around our house.


In other exciting news – Mr. bought me a new vacuum! 

Note to others crazy enough to do this – plywood is so much easier to sweep than OSB.  Just keep that in mind when you’re building.  The extra cost upfront for ply is likely worth it in time spent sweeping with your vacuum burns up and fills the house with the smell of melting plastic.  It’s likely worth even more when you go to your mother in laws and dig out the little stick vac only to plug it in and have it spark like the 4thof July from the inside and through the air grate.  Life just got a whole lot easier!

Staying true to Tiny House Rules, it was a duel use purchase!  Don’t judge the stylin’.


Just because I can’t think of another Quick Take, here are some random photos, most of which the children took.  They got skillz.  Ok, in selfies mostly and BabyGirl in a close second, but they are getting better snapping pics of other things.  

She is signing to nurse… and not happy she is getting a picture taken instead.

Hope you all have a Blessed Week!  Don’t forget to jump over to Jens for more 7QT!

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  1. I think I am doomed to never really conquer scheduled post 🙂 I swept many plywood floors in my day(my parents house still has one floor of plywood). Baby Girl is adorable!

    • Thanks 🙂 We are quite smitten with her 😀 You totally understand where I'm coming from!! 😀 There is a reason ply is used under another layer of wood – as smooth as it appears, it's not. LOL

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