That unavoidable question

Life groups started up again.  Coming with it the inevitable Intro Moment that I dread.  I always hate that.  What do I say?  Let’s be honest, to say that our lives revolve around living in, while building, a tiny off grid house makes people react in strange ways.  If I leave it out, it feels as if I am lying – it IS who we are, it defines and fills every moment of our life. 
So I say it.  And brace myself.  Either people are genuinely interested or they think we are flat crazy hippies.  Either way, I’m never sure how to respond to their questions.  And they always come.  Why would you do it?  Because it makes sense to us financially.  But that’s not really it.  Because the world is falling apart and we want to focus on what truly matters, laying up treasures in Heaven.  But that’s not really it either.  Because God told us to.  That’s the truth.  We don’t know why.  We see the benefits.  As many challenges as there have been (and yet to come), there are just as many blessings. 
He said Jump.  And we didn’t ask why or how.  We asked just catch us when we fall.
I think back over the last few years.  It has involved a lot of mental and physical testing.  He told us to go to Texas, the Little House in the Country City.  So we did.  It was, what we thought, a safe bet.  Through others, He had income lined up, a roof over our heads – the responsible basics, what more could we need?  So we jumped. 
We all know that didn’t turn out so well.  But through all those trials, I kept crying out to Him I know you have a plan – a plan to prosper us!  To give us a hope and a future!  I know this is preparation for something bigger, something more, something… During the hardest times I would ask Him to just tell me something – tell me it would all be worth it! 
He was silent.  Except for His promises – Trust in Me, I have a plan, I will not leave you, I will never fail you.
And He hasn’t!  Glory, glory!  Praise to the Lord!
I never, in a million years, thought this is what He intended to bring us to.  He asked us to jump, when we saw what we thought was a solid landing.  Just enough information to keep us leaned upon Him to work out the details, but just a large enough leap to make us step out of our comfort zone.  And we did it.  Twice.  Some may see it as making the same mistake twice.  I don’t see it that way.  If we hadn’t jumped the first time, what would have reassured us of His catching us when He asked for something a little bigger?  If we hadn’t jumped the second time, what foundation of trusting in Him would we have built for when He asked for this?
When others are shocked and amazed (for good or bad), I just smile and remind them that when He asks of you, He provides all that is needed.  We needed those small, dramatic jumps.  We needed those miraculous landings.  We still don’t know they why – why He wants us here, why tiny, why off grid.  But He knows.  And that is enough.
Thank You Lord for asking from us to jump.  Thank you for providing in miraculous ways so many lessons that we needed to praise and feel comfort now.

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That unavoidable question — 4 Comments

  1. "Because it makes sense to us financially. But that’s not really it. Because the world is falling apart and we want to focus on what truly matters, laying up treasures in Heaven. But that’s not really it either. Because God told us to. That’s the truth."

    This post almost made me cry. Thank you for writing it.

  2. Girl! It's a dream for a lot of people. Besides, everyone deserves a chance to be happy and live they life they want. Don't let anyone ever make you feel like your dreams are wrong. You guys are an inspiration!

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