Returning to Mass

Sometimes I am a slow learner.  Or listener.  I can be a procrastinator when I am unsure even if I deeply desire to do something.  Going to Mass again would be one of those things.  We are a duel denomination house.  I have never been sure how to balance the two.  But I have had this intense pull to figure it out for months.  But the challenges – oh the challenges.  Those are many, and not something I have been excited to jump into regardless of my desire. 
How to balance 2 church services every weekend, in different cities no less.  The prospect of taking 6 children solo when the memories of taking 4 are still vividly etched into my mind.  How to explain the differences between the two gently.  But then I figure if Catholics and Jews can somehow manage, surly a Catholic and a Protestant can as well! 
I am so happy I did it finally.  Yes, the younger children were a bit distracted and there were more than a couple of flustered moments for mama, but they had not grown up attending Mass as the older 3 had been.  I know it is only for a short season until they figure out the process and order.  I am so thankful for the many smiles and the numerous “what a beautiful family you are Blessed with” that made me feel at ease when BabyGirl was being fussy or vocally opposing my efforts to keep her quiet during the Consecration.  I am thankful to again be surrounded by people who see them, with all their busyness and loud whispering observations, as they are – Blessings straight from God that are simply in a learning season and welcomed with open arms.
There will be many challenges ahead, of that I am sure.  But I know that He is with me, with us, while we travel down this new road.

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