Plumbing: Take 3… or 4…

You know that point when something has to be done – it’s well past time – and you simply don’t care how it gets done, or even if it done right, just so long as it is done and checked off the list. Yea, that.   
That’s where I am with this plumbing and electrical stuff. 
After 10 months of attempting, getting overwhelmed, begging for help, waiting for it and finally avoiding a repeat of the cycle until my confidence was back up, I’m there.  We had a glorious week of weather, got a few more things knocked off the To Do List and I decided once again, it has to be done.  With a husband clocking 84 hour work weeks, It’s up to me.   
With 6 children.
First, let me say, the people at the Box Stores are mostly a joke.  They said they would send a person that knew plumbing to help…  yea… not so much.  It was a lady, who while knowing where the pieces were, was just as clueless as I was to what pieces were actually needed.   Gray water?  Can’t do it.  Tub overflow connection?  No idea, but this piece should work (Side note – I found out on my 4th trip, its actually a kit you purchase – on another isle.  Which again means another to return those unnecessary parts.)  With me being unsure myself, her suggestions made me doubt what little I thought I knew.  Add in 6 bored children and it was a hot mess.  You know how they act when you take a phone call – that.  Yes, even the promise of TV – and then the threat to take it away – did not persuade them. 
Two hours later with 3 bags of fittings, we finally emerged from the box store.  I, in my overconfident state, was sure I had figured it out despite the distractions.
Two days later, countless hours visualizing, moving pieces, begging for 20 minutes to think and two more trips to the Box Store, it was obvious that I had not.  And that first trip, while producing some of the necessary components, requires a complete rework of the plan.  And different sized fittings.   
Because changing the location of one fitting voids that one fitting and makes 4 other pieces not work.  Because I should have trusted what I thought I knew and not let the doubter creep in to my plan.  And all that talk of “crap flows downhill” and “It’s not that hard” from others has me feeling like I am either completely stupid or way over-thinking things.  
Finally, after 5 days and 5 return trips, I think I may have the drain and vent completed.  Next is the supply lines.  Lord help me.
Thankful for Box Stores Return Policy.  And thankful that once this is done, I will never plumb a house again.  I hope.

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