One Thousand Gifts – Go!

I joined a Woman’s Bible Study Life Group.  The study is One Thousand Gifts.  Ouch.  The basis of the book is to see the thanksgiving in every day.  1,000 of them.  1,000?  1,000!  30?  Oh, 30 I can do.  That’s easy.  That’s like Thanksgiving month when you post on Facebook one thing every day for 30 days.  Easy, peasy.  But 1,000.  Oh Lord, this is going to be a challenge!  I know You give us many blessings every day, a thousand ways to be thankful every single day.  But for me to actually pay attention – to actually see them, big and small, amongst the chaos of life? 
I realize that’s the point of it.  We don’t see them.  The hundreds of little praises every day because life is well, life.  It’s crazy and chaotic and busy and some days are just about keep your head above the water hoping tomorrow will be easier or better somehow.  It’s funny how just signing up made me remember to look for the thanks.  I first got the 60 day devotional, the local Christian book store was sold out of the book. 
Immediately upon walking out of the small bookstore, I am thankful for a vehicle large enough to hold my squabbling ‘who gets the front seat’ children.  Actually, it’s the middle seat, but it’s the front to them.
Fast forward.  We head to Mardel’s to get the actual book and study companion.  It’s been a short week financially, and I’m kind of stressing about spending on books that are certainly not a necessity.  Glory, glory – the book is on sale!  $6 off!  I ask about the study guide.  After a quick look in the computer I am told they are sold out.  My heart kind of sinks, guess I don’t need the study companion this week anyway.  It will be another week before we can come back to the Big City.  She says “Let’s go look anyway, you never know!” 
And there it is – two copies!  And on sale for $7 to boot!! 

Thank you Lord for providing even those silly little things – like sold out books that are sale so both are the practically the same price as just one.

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